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Why the US got involved in WW1?


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A british ship was sunk by Germany called the Lusitania which killed many Americans.


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USA got involved in WW1 because they had promised to stick my Austria-Hungary in case of war.

because they were friends with the british

The U.S. got involved in the war.

the us got involved in ww1 because the us had a cargo ship with women and children and a Japanese sub torpedoded it.

The U.S. got involved because Britain was being attacked by the Central Powers (enemies) and Britain is allies with the U.S..

India got invovled when Britain got involved, seeing as it was Britain's colony.

Suddenly England got the fresh reinforcements it needed to win the war more easily and the Americans got payed for the weapons the poms bought more quickly.

who were the leaders involved in WW1 who were the leaders involved in WW1

Australia did not help the US in WW1 Australia was involved long before the US was so it was the US that helped Australia and Britain with fresh troops in WW1.

they got involved because we the US did not want communism to spread.

Italy never really got involved in ww1... but they were allies with the Russians

04ere were 9, 875, 000 people involved in ww1

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the president that got America involved in the Vietnamese War.

the us got involved in ww1 after Germany proposed an alliance with Mexico against the united states. well, we really didn't like that so we declared war on Germany becoming a part of the allied powers

The sinking of the Lusitania ship was one of the reason as to why the United States got into World War 1.

No, it entered late, but got very involved.

Yes, Hawaii was a US territory at the time of WW1 and the men were subject to the draft.

AMerica wanted to stay with the policy of neutrality, therefore they wanted to stay out of the war

The battle of the Alamo is what got the US involved in the Mexican American war.

US got in the war because of the bombing in pearl harbor.

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the US got involved in WW II.

The assassination that a person from Serbia killed in Austria Hungary. Then most of Europe got involved by being in agreement with their alliances

there where 6 nations involved in WW1

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