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Q: Why the ancestors of the Japanese use chopsticks?
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Why do the Japanese Use Chopsticks?

The Japanese, like many other Asian countries, use chopsticks because their ancestors used them.

Why do Japanese eat with chopsticks?

Because their ancestors used them.

Why do japanese use chopsticks to eat their food?

because they can

What do people use to eat Japanese meals?

Japanese people use chopsticks to eat their food.

What is the Japanese word for chopsticks when translated into English?

"Chopsticks" is 箸 (hashi) in Japanese.

What do people use to eat many of Japanese meals?

The Japanese and other people use chopsticks for many of Japanese meals.

What is chopsticks in Japanese?


What is the difference between Japanese hashi chopsticks and Chinese chopsticks?

There is no difference. Hashi simply means 'chopsticks' in Japanese. The only possible difference would be what they're made of or how they're made, but that varies with the companies that produce them. There is a difference between Japanese and Chinese chopsticks. the big difference is that Japanese chopsticks are blunted to a pointed end, and Chinese chopsticks are blunted to a flat end.

What do Japanese people eat chopsticks with?

Japanese people do NOT eat chopsticks. They eat with chopsticks. As western people eat their food with a knife, fork and spoon, many Asian cultures use chopsticks in place of the western cutlery. This requires the food to be prepared in 'byte' sized portions by the kitchen.

How do you say chopsticks in Japanese?

hashi .

What do Japanese people eat with?


What do Japanese use to eat?

Japanese tend to use chopsticks for most meals. At restaurants serving western food you'll find silverware.

What utencils do Japanese people use?

The Japanese often use chopsticks to eat, though forks and knives are often used to eat Western foods.

What eating utensils do modern Japanese use?

Chopsticks with Japanese food; some foreign foods are eaten with western cutlery also...

What sentence is chopsticks?

I use chopsticks with my food.

Are there certain rules of etiquette that should be followed while dining in Japanese restaurants?

When dining in Japanese restaurants you should start by saying hello, use chopsticks and don't use them to point when talking, do not pass food with your chopsticks and put sauces into bowls not on the food.

Do Japanese people eat steak with chopsticks?

no they dont

Is all Japanese food eaten with chopsticks?

Though chopsticks are widely used in Japan, and all native Japanese food can be eaten chopsticks, it is not the case that all food in Japan is eaten with chopsticks. Forks and knives are often used in restaurants serving Western food.

Do Japanese eat food with chopsticks?

Yes, chopsticks are standard utensils for Japanese meals, though forks/spoons/knives are often used for Western foods.

How do you eat soup in japan?

Japanese use spoon to have soup just like European or American. The only exception is Miso-soup, which Japanese never use a spoon, but chopsticks.

What utensils do the Japanese use to eat with?

It is a common myth that Japanese people only eat with chopsticks anymore. While they do eat with chopsticks, they also eat with spoons, forks, knives, etc. Do not always believe what you read in books and see on TV.

What are Manjiro and his friends asked to do to prove they are Japanese?

Manjiro had to eat with chopsticks to prove they were Japanese.

What utensils do Chinese use for food?

not chopsticks (Chopsticks) you fool

Why are there monkey faces in wooden chopsticks?

The Japanese think we are monkeys.

What do people use to eat Japanese foods?

I use plain old utensils, personally... forks, spoons, knives. Chopsticks are an option, of course.