Why the ball is used in netball?


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If there was no ball it would not be called Netball it would be called net

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A netball is the ball used to play Netball.

A netball... round ball, like a small basketball

a size 4 ball is used for high 5 netball (which is what younger players play) and a size 5 ball is what is used in 7s netball which is what adults play x

Hi a Size 4 ball is used for primary school levels , then all netball is played with a size 5 ball.

Netball is a shooting game, but the question is why is netball is called netball, because in netball your throwing the ball in the net so that's called net and the ball that your playing with is called ball so that is ball Net ball

Strength is used in netball to throw the ball. The stronger you are going to get the ball down the other end quicker than a weak person.

it is used when you are shooting the ball.

netball is a sport with a ball and a net and throwing the ball in the net

netball is played with a size 5 ball

the ball is the main 1 and the bibs are next

At the begining of a netball match center starts with ball

ball in net is call netball and hand ball is that with which we play

Netball uses a size 5 ball. Size 5 is the standard size netball and is used in all netball matches. Netballs also come in all different brands some brands are better than others but it doesn't really matter what band you get, the only advantage of getting better brands is your ball will last longer and it will be better quality.

Draw a circle then write netball

a netball ball is the same as a football only a bit smaller

Shooting in netball is getting a goal (getting a ball in the hoop)

No. you have to stand and throw the ball.

between 690 mm (27in) and 710 mm (28in)

by passing the ball to Ur team mate on Ur team to get the ball into the opposite hoop on the otherside of the netball field

No. You should never kick a netball in netball. If unintentional it is a turn over. If intentional you can be asked to sit out.

When you use one hand to throw a ball in netball it is called a shoulder pass and they are usually used for longer didtance throws.

High jumps to retrieve the ball.

ATP-PC system is used for high intensity short bursts of energy such as sprinting... In netball it is used when leading for the ball or the centre driving to the circle. it can also be used when jumping for a high pass.

When you bounce the ball.

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