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Okay, I'm not a mechanic by any means, but I have had the same problem. As far as the auto door locks go, check your fuses. The auto door locks are on the same fuse as the lighter and horn. I went to use my lighter one day, and it blew the fuse. My door locks, horn, and lighter would not work. I didn't know this until after I replaced the fuse several times (and finally hearing a popping sound when I went to use the lighter).

As far as the daytime running lights go, I really have no advice. There are a few others who have asked the same question here... Just browse through the questions and you should find the answer.

The speedometer may be a bit tricky. Either the gage itself is bad, or you may have problems behind the dash... Again, others have asked a similar question, so just browse through the questions and you should find an answer.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.


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A 1991 dodge dynasty speedometer bouncing could be a sticking speedometer cable, or a bad drive gear. Check the cable first, and lubricate it to see if the problem stops.

I've had this problem recently. You need to replace your daytime running lights module. it should be located on the drivers side of the car in just in front of the front tire (it is where it is on the '92)

Either the Speedometer itself is bad or the speedometer cable is. either one isn't too difficult if you have pulled a dashboard out before.

You need to replace the daytime running lights control module

It could if it was built for the Canadian market. If built for the USA, no.

Normally only ones built for sale in Canada have DRL.

ABS and brake lights on dash will be on. Speedometer and cruise will be inoperative.ABS and brake lights on dash will be on. Speedometer and cruise will be inoperative.

You should be able to pull the fuse for the daytime running lights to disable them. Probably located in the fuse panel under the hood. There should be a picture on the inside of the lid which tells you which fuse is which.

you have to remove the drl module that located in the fuse box...

as long as the marker lights are the same ( some years don't have them ) i not sure which ones , Chrysler made all the dynasty bodies the same , you should be able to interchange most of them.

I have the same problem on an '89 Dodge Dynasty. I am told that the odometer and speedometer in my car are driven by separate cables and that I simply need a new cable for my odometer to function properly again. I have not verified this information, but it might get you on track.

It looks like a1989 dodge dynasty! Go to your browser search, and type in pictures of 1989 Dodge dynasty and you will see what a 1989 Dodge dynasty looks like.

Take it to the dodge dealer and have them reprogram the computer to shut them off.

A 1996 Dodge Ram does not have a speedometer cable. The system is all electric.

Dodge did not make a 1996 Dynasty. The last Dynasty was built in 1993.

Where is coil located on a 1989 dodge dynasty at

1998 Dodge Caravan Speedometer Has a second connector attached with a white pigtail. What is that used for and will it operate without it?

it's in the dash, the speedometer cable runs the speedometer and it connects to the back of the speedometer and it runs down to the back of the transmission case.

How do you bypass the alarm system on a 1990 Dodge Dynasty?

Why does a 93 dodge dynasty leak transmission fluid?

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