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Why the filter is kept in the left side of the air-conditioner where as the air blows in the right side?


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June 08, 2007 6:43AM

We want to filter the air before it reaches any of the components of the a/c unit; especially the cooling coil. I that coil gets dirty, the dirt will restrict the air flow and reduce the cooling provided to the room. Additionally, if the cooling coil gets dirty and air flow is reduced, the coil tends to get too cold and ice up. Once it starts to ice up, all air flow stops. At this point the coil gets even colder; causing even more freezing.

The filter is not there to keep the air we breath clean. It is there to keep the cooling coil free of dirt and consequently freely able to pass air. Lots of air passing across the coil cools the room and also keeps the the coil from freezing up.

Regards. From more than 20 years in the business