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Yes, fingernails do grow faster than toenails.

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The finger nails grow faster because your finger nails have more calcium than your

toe nails


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Fingernails take a third of the time that Toenails take to (re)grow.

Fingernails take approx. 3-6 months to fully regrow whereas Toenails take 12-18 months to fully regrow.

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4x faster

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yes they do

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Q: Why the fingers nails are grow faster than the toenails?
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What protects the ends of fingers and toes?

Fingernails and toenails are plates of stratified squamous epithelial cells with hard keratin that protect the distal ends of the phalanges. The phalanges are the finger bones.You are describing finger nails and toe nails. For some interesting nail facts: fingernails grow faster than toenails. The fingernails on the right hand of a right-handed person grow faster than those on their left hand.

Why do toenails grow faster than fingernails?

They don't. It's actually fingernails that grow faster than toe nails.. but why.. good question..

How do you grow toenails faster?

It seems as if Biotin makes a difference for all finger/toe nails...

Are there cases where the toe nails grow faster than the fingernails?

My toenails definitely grow faster than my fingernails. I must be one of the unusual people in this world because everything I read sayd that fingernails grow faster. I know for a fact that my toenails grow faster, but I have no idea why. I wish my fingernails would grow as fast as my toenails! I don't think that toenails grow faster than fingernails, it's that toenails tend to be stronger so they don't break as easily. That's why it seems to some people that their toenails are growing faster than their fingernails; Fingernails are more susceptible to breakage because they are thinner.

Are the nails on your hand the same as your toenails?

No, they're usually a different size.No, your toes nails should be cut straight across to avoid ingrown toe nails, while your finger nails can be cut in a curved fashion.No, the nails on your hand grow out of your fingers, and your toe nails grow out of your toes. If they were the same, your fingers would be attached to your toes and you'd have a hard time walking or shaking hands.Yes, they're both made largely of keratin.

Why do nails grow faster at the beach?

nails grow faster at the beach because salt water[ocean water] makes your nails irich and that helps them grow faster

WHY DO your toe nails grow slower than your fingernails?

Because You Don't Do A Lot With Your Pinky Finger Nails. All Your Other Nails Grow Slower Because You Do A Lot More To Damage Your Fingers And You Use Them A Whole Lot More Frequently. Your Pinky Finger Is Barely Used, So The Nail Grows Faster And Is Not Damaged As Much, Maintaining Its Growth.

Do thumb nails grow slower then finger nails?

I believe they grow faster.

Do dead peoples' toenails continue to grow?

People's finger nails and toe nails do not continue to grow after death, what happens is that the tissue surrounding the nails shrinks back and the nails appear to be longer

Can tapping your finger nails make them grow faster?

Theoretically increasing bloodflow to the ends of your fingers should increase nail growth. (Within reason; once you reach a certain amount of bloodflow to your fingers, increasing it further will have very little impact upon nail growth). So tapping your fingernails may increase bloodflow, but it seems likely that you may also chip your nails doing this. Touch-typing, knitting etc... should have the same impact upon increasing bloodflow, and may also prove more productive than tapping your fingernails. (I personally find that knitting really strengthens my nails).

What kind of foods that are healthy that I can take to make my nails grow faster?

Experts say that nothing makes your nails grow faster but biotin makes your nails stronger.

Why do men's nails grow faster than women's nails?

mens nails have polynailitis