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Why the operation barbarossa caused the Germans problems?

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Operation Barbarossa caused a few problems for the Germans. Here are some examples of them;

  • The axis had 4 Million troops with 4,300 Tanks whilst the USSR had 5.5 Million Troops and 25,700 tanks.
  • Germany had to try to maintain a huge front of a size of 1,800 Miles.
  • By the end of the Battle of Kiev, Germany ran out of reserves and that was what they needed.
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What caused operation Barbarossa to happen?

The major cause of Operation Barbarossa was the Nazis' term Rassenkampf (racial struggle). Operation Barbarossa was an invasion of the Soviet Union directed against Slavs, Jews, and Marxists. Goebbels (the Nazi propagandist) called the Russians an "not a people but an aggolmeration of animals". The invasion of the Soviet Union was openly a "war of extermination". Thus, all that caused Operation Barbarossa was racial hatred.

Could starlin ended World War 2 in Europe early?

After operation Barbarossa and Operation blue which was caused by the nazi germans or between the 2 battles, if starlin forced his men to retreat, they could of build their defences and send a massive assult to the germans. Starlin could of joined the axis and won ww2 with the germans.

What is considered the largest military operation in history and caused the USSR to join the Allies?


What country was invaded by Hitler in the winter of 1941?

In the middle and end of 1941, Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union. It involved more men and caused more casualties than any other military operation in human history.

What caused the delay of the Hitler plan called Barbarossa?

Mussolini's invasion of Greece.

Who had better weapons on d day?

The Germans definitely had better weapons, particularly their tanks and rifles. They had many other problems that ultimately caused their defeat.

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What Caused Operation Barbarossa happen?

The invasion was seen as an idealogical crusade. Hitler and Nazism believed that eventually they would have a fight for survival against the Communists. Following the Soivet Union's slow and expensive victory in the Winter War, Hitler beilieved that the Soviet Union was weak and this was the right time to attack.

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What is the history behind operation barbarossa?

Operation Barbarossa stands for the name of when Germany invaded the Soviet Union in World War II. This began with the Soviet Union and Germany making agreements to not fight each other before the start of World War II because of the devastation it caused to Germany (agreement was spurred by German leader Adolf Hitler) in the previous world war in the 1910's and 1920's. Germany decided to complete this operation in hopes of catching the Soviet Union off guard and invading them before the Soviet Union created plans to invade Germany and disregard the agreement to not fight. However, the operation, many say, ended in failure because, ultimately, the Soviet Union ended up invading the German capital of Berlin.

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What caused the Soviet Union to change sides?

If the question refers to changing sides in World War 2 from being an ally of Adolf Hitler to being an ally of Great Britain, the United States, France and other Allied Powers, it was Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union under Operation Barbarossa on June 22, 1941.

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What event caused the Soviet Union to join the Allies in World War 2?

The invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany beginning on June 22, 1941 (Operation Barbarossa, originally Operation Otto).Germany's ally, Japan, launched a similar Sunday surprise attack against the US at Pearl Harbor six months later on December 7, 1941, but in that case there were no treaties to abrogate, only specious peace talks.

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