Why the plant outside have lot of flowers and the one inside has no flowers?

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outside theres more sun, fresh air, and inside i think the air from like heaters and stuff makes them sulk, and when they're inside, in their soil, they have no worms to make tunnels in the soil so they get constant oxygen and easy water outside theres more sun, fresh air, and inside i think the air from like heaters and stuff makes them sulk, and when they're inside, in their soil, they have no worms to make tunnels in the soil so they get constant oxygen and easy water
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Can you plant flower bulbs in pots inside or do they have to go in the ground?

Planting Flower Bulbs in Pots Inside . Summer bulbs can be planted inside. Bulbs are planted in the fall, placed in small pots, and covered with tin foil to block the light. Place them in the refrigerator for 6 weeks, then take out the water and put them in a sunny window. You can have tulips any ( Full Answer )

What are flowering plants?

Angiosperms. Produce flowers, ovules are produced within a closed ovary, pollenis produced in anthers. Fertilization takes place within the ovary,ovules mature into seed and the ovary matures into a fruit.

What is a flowering plant?

The flowering plants or angiosperms are the most widespread groupof land plants. Land plants have existed for about 425 millionyears. Flowering plants have colonized practically every conceivablehabitat on earth, from sun-baked deserts and windswept alpinesummits to fertile grasslands, freshwater ma ( Full Answer )

Why do plants have flowers?

Flowers are the (sexual) reproductive organs of the plant, housing the male and female reproductive organs of the plant. Sometimes both male and female parts are house in the same flower, in other instances there are seperate male and female flowers on the same plant, and in other instances seprate ( Full Answer )

Which plant has a flower growing inside it?

While all flowers originate from within the larger plant and emerge from sepals or guard leaves, the only plant which has a flower which opens, grows and is pollinated inside the fruit, is the Fig. The tiny fig wasp burrows inside the fruit and pollinated the flower growing inside. The wasp also i ( Full Answer )

What does a flower do for the plant?

Colorful flowers attract pollinators like bees and hummingbirds. The pollinators carry pollen from plant to plant, allowing them to be fertilized. While some flowers seem very plain and unappealing to humans they may have markers on the petals that reflect ultraviolet or infra red light which may b ( Full Answer )

More than one flowering plant of the desert?

Some flowering desert plants of North America include. Four O'clocks Mojave Aster Prickly Pear Cactus Fishhook Barrel cactus Brittle bush Desert Ironwood Chain fruit cholla Pallo Verde Soaptree yucca

What are the advantage for a flower to have its nectar located inside the flower rather then the outside?

The whole purpose of a flower producing nectar is to attract bees to it - for the purpose of having the bees help spread the flowers pollen to other flowers of its type. The nectar therefore must be in such a location as to have the bee dusted with pollen and have the dusted bee come in contact with ( Full Answer )

What do all the parts of a flower plant do for the flower?

Petals . Attracts insects and other pollinators and protects the rest of the plant.. Anther . Makes pollen.. Stamen . Supports the Anther.. Sepals . Protects the bud of the plant before it opens. Also supports the petals and organs of the flower after it opens.. Ovary . Contains egg cells. ( Full Answer )

Why do plants flower?

Plants flower for one simple reason: pollination. The bright coloured flowers and the scent attracts insects towards them. While the insect is sucking the nectar, the pollen grains get attached to its hairy skin. Then this insect visits another flower and the pollen grains might get deposited on the ( Full Answer )

Can you have two different colors of flowers on one Plumeria plant?

Obviously, you can. I have a hybrid that was grafted. It is called an Orange Special. I have had if for several years but this year it decided to finally bloom & what I saw was amazing because on ONE flower clump I got a yellow bloom and a orange-ish pink. If I could figure it out, I would download ( Full Answer )

What outside flower has big white flowers?

lilies. hydrangeas are a mass of small flowers so they look like one big flower ball. clematis but clematis needs something to climb up. a porch or a trellis or a mailbox or a fence... etc

Are flowers plants?

Flowers are part of the reproductive cycle of plants therefore they are not plants per se.

Is a flower a plant?

No. Its like saying that, for example, an engine is a car. The flower is part of a plant, but by itself it is not considered a plant.

What does a plants flower do?

The flower reproduces, (makes more of its own kind) and we're all greatful to have flowers. This is because we have the bees, and the bees make honey. Its all in a Life Circle. :) Hope this helped everyone.

Are plants flowering or none flowering?

You get both flowering plants and non-flowering plants;non-flowering are things like mosses, ferns and liverworts whichproduce spore, flowering plants produce seeds

Are flowers a plant?

No, flowers are a parts of a plant. Some plants don't have flowers, but all flowers come from plants.

The flower is the what organ of a flowering plant?

The flower contains the reproductive elements of the flowering plant. It can contain male and female reproductive parts - the stamen and pistil. The flower is where the seeds are produced.

Can i plant flowers inside my home?

Yes you can. But I like all of my flowers outside because it brings in mosquitoes and little animals to your home and its uncomfortable.

Is phlox flower a inside or outside flower?

Phlox is an outdoor flower and will not live inside for more than a few days. Phlox flower can be grown from seed or purchased at your local greenhouse or nursery. The flowers are pretty and when one flower dies there are usually more flower buds ready to bloom. This is an ongoing process called a c ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to plant flowers?

Flowers are beautiful and add value to your home. It is veryrelaxing work to tend flowers in the garden and peaceful to sit andwatch the flowers with the hummingbirds and other wildlife in thegarden.

Is puffball a flowering or non flowering plant?

Puffballs are NOT plants, they are mushrooms a typeof fungal fruiting body. The puff that comes when the puffball isdried is the spores being dispersed into the air. If puffballs wereleft alone, they would dry and split. Through the splits, thespores would be released.

Why is the flower important in flowering plants?

because the flower let the plant reproduce. Bees help with this by carrying pollen from one flower to another flower by letting the other flower's egg reach the pollen so this process can start again. so as you can see both the bees and flowers are important

Is a flower a flowering plant?

Yes. Basically, all plants that bear (grow) flowers are flowering plants why the other plant which do not bear (grow) flowers are non-flowering plants.

What does the flower on a plant do?

it does absolutely nothing it just hogs all the food and water that the other parts of the plant work for if they werent so pretty i would hate them

Which plant do not have flowers?

\n \n\n. \n. \n. Mosses and ferns do not have flowers. \n. Edited answer: \n. Cryptogamic plants belonging to Algae, Fungi, Bryopytes and Pteridophytes do not have flowers.

Where can one purchase a flowering plant named cumin?

You can purchase a Cumin plant on Amazon if you cannot find them at a local nursery. You can also grow your own Cumin plant with seeds that you can purchase at the site Seed Savers.

When do plants flower?

When the nights are the right length. . The flowering of most plants is stimulated by the duration of periods of uninterrupted darkness..

Where can one purchase flowers and plants?

Plants and flowers are available at home improvement stores and nurseries, if one is seeking to plant a garden. Also, some drug stores and grocery stores may carry plants and flowers. If one is seeking cut flowers or plants to give as a gift, flower shops as well as florist section in most larger ( Full Answer )

Is patola a flowering or non-flowering plant?

flowering plant ang patola. Because . . . . . . The parts of a flowering plant are characterized by two basicsystems: a root system and a shoot system. :)))

Are flowers and flowering plants the same?

Strictly, a flowering plant is an entire organism, and the floweris the reproductive organ. As an example, consider a cherry tree.The whole tree is a flowering plant and each blossom is a flower.Of course not all flowers are conspicuous.

Why are flowers on plants?

Flowers contain the reproductive system of the plant. The flowersattract insects, which pollinate them - enabling the plant togenerate seeds.

What is the purpose of flowers in a flowering plant?

Flowers are the reproductive parts of the plant. Their purpose, isto attract insects and birds - which then transfer pollen from oneflower to another. This triggers the reproductive system to produceseeds so that the plant can spread.

What is the purposes of flowers in a flowering plant?

Their purpose - is to attract insects. The insects brush againstthe flowers while drinking nectar. They then take the pollen toother flowers of the same type of plant - which startsfertilisation.