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Why the taste of bitter gourd is bitter?


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The bitterness of bitter gourd is due to to the cucurbitacin-like alkaloid momordicine and triterpene glycosides.


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Bitter Gourd is bitter in taste because it is basic in nature. Basses are bitter and slippery in nature.

Acids are sour to taste and bases are bitter. I just wanted to know if there is a base present in bitter gourd. Please let me know

The taste is very unpleasant; similar to bile, stale cheese, and bitter gourd.

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Bitter Gourd Seeds are dicot.

The scientific name for bitter gourd is Momordica charantia.

Yes, there are many recipes for bitter gourd with curd. Some of these include: Dahi Karela (Bitter Gourd in Curds) (Also called: Dahi wale Karele Karela Dahiwala) Other dishes include: Dahi Bharwa Karela (Curd-Stuffed Bitter Gourd) Pavakka kichadi ( Bitter Gourd in Yogurt)

the chemical substances present in bitter gourd are polar

1. Bottle gourd 2. Snake gourd 3. Pointed gourd 4. Teasel gourd 5. Bitter gourd

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A bitter gourd is another term for a bitter melon, a vine, Mmordica charantia, which produces a bitter, edible fruit, or a similar fruit-bearing vine, Citrulius lanatus.

It is a fruit grown on the vine bitter melon

No, and it all depends on the size and how dark a green the bitter melon is.

Pine nuts have a slightly bitter taste and can sometimes leave a Bitter Taste in your mouth.

Alkali's Taste Bitter. :)

Ampalaya in English is "bitter gourd."

Acids have a sour taste and bases have a bitter taste

Bitter Melon or Bitter Gourd or Balsam Apple or Amargoso it is all the same. (:

Bitter gourd, also called karela, is good for Diabetes. It helps to lower the blood sugar and is now available as tablets.

Bases taste bitter. Acids taste sour.

Yes, bases taste bitter. Acids taste sour.

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