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There is no wind or atmosphere on the moon so the dust that it is made in will not be blown away unless it is hit by a meteor or it is destroyed by humans.

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That we know their is no wind and water on moon that we know if any where is no wind so on the surface of the soil can't removed on that place ,

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Why the footprint left by Apollo astronauts last for centuries?

Yes they will remain for centuries.

Why will the footprints left on the moon by Apollo astronauts last forever?

There is no erosion on the moon surface because there is no wind or water to flow over the landscape. So, the footprints have nothing to disturb them and will remain as long as the moon remains.

Who where the last astronauts on the moon and when?

The last astronauts to walk on the moon were Apollo 17. On 19/12/1972.

Who did the last Apollo mission?

The last manned moon mission was the Apollo 17 , with astronauts Eugene Cernan, harrison Schmitt to walk on the moon.

Are there winds on the Moon ... is there still the furrow of astronauts and how many of them were there on the Moon?

There is no atmosphere, so no winds. The footprints could last tens of millions of years if not disturbed. The LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) has taken pics of all the Apollo landing sites, some clearly enough you can see the footpads of the LM and the trails of disturbed dust where the astronauts walked. A total of 12 astronauts walked on the Moon.

Why will the footprints left behind by the Apollo astronauts last for thousands of years?

There's no wind on the moon. There's no outside force to disturb the soil, unless an asteroid or meteor hit that area. In the near-perfect, waterless vacuum of the Moon, there is no wind or water to erode the footprints and tire tracks, only the pull of a gravitational force one-sixth that of the Earth.

How long does a footprint last on the moon?

Until something disturbs it, like a future meteor impact, or a future moon landing. The footprints left by the astronauts may last millions of years.

What happened to Apollo 18 crew members?

Nothing what so ever happened to the Apollo 18 astronauts. The reason being there never ever was a Apollo 18 moon mission. Apollo 17 was the last moon mission launchedby N.A.S.A.

What phase came last used a three-person craft and reached the moon?

Apollo 17 was the last moon mission , astronauts were Eugene cernan and harrison Schmitt.

Did American astronauts conduct joint space missions with Soviet cosmonauts?

Yes; in 1975 the last Apollo mission was a join mission with a Soviet Soyuz

How long will the footprints on the moon last?

Well it probably depends on the space boots are heavy, but about millions of years.

What was the last Apollo mission to the moon?

The Apollo 17 was the last Apollo Moon mission

When did NASA last send astronauts to the moon?

Apollo 17 was the last manned moon mission. It was launched December 7, 1972 and splashed down back here on Earth December 19, 1972.

What was the last Apollo mission?


What is the last Apollo mission?

Apollo 17

What was the last Apollo missions to go to the moon?

The last mission was the Apollo 17 also the eleventh Apollo mission and sixth and last lunar landing.

When is the last time man set foot on the moon?

Apollo 17 landed on the moon on December 11, 1972, and departed on the 14th. The astronauts on Apollo 17 were Eugene A. Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, and Ronald E. Evans (Command Module pilot). Gene Cernan was the last man to walk on the moon.

When was Apollo last moon mission?

The Apollo 17 was the last Apollo Moon mission, as the Missions 18-21 were cancled.

Why was Apollo 17 the last mission?

Apollo 17 was the last apollo rocket to go to space because it was to much money.

Why do footprints last for hundreds of years?

cause they just do

When did astronauts go on the Moon for the last time?

The first moon landing by Apollo 11 was on July 20, 1969. The final moon landing by Apollo 17 was on December 11, 1972. The Apollo 17 Lunar Module departed the Moon on December 15, 1972, and no human has set foot on the Moon since.

Which moon walkers were Naval Aviators?

7 of the 12 Apollo Astronauts who walked on the Moon were Naval Aviators, as were the largest percentage of those Astronauts involved in the Apollo program itself. This was due in large part to the ocean-based recoveries of the Command Module by the Navy.Neil Armstrong (Apollo 11) - Naval Aviator, though he was a NASA Astronaut and not an active duty Navy pilot at the time, unlike the other Astronauts who were active duty Navy when they went to the Moon.Pete Conrad / Alan Bean (Apollo 12)Alan Shepard / Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14)John W. Young (Apollo 16)Eugene Cernan (Apollo 17)Of this list, all but Eugene Cernan (also known as "the Last Man on the Moon") were also Test Pilots. Cernan was a Fighter Pilot.

Why are there no landing site for Apollo 1-10?

Because they didn't go anywhere!!!The last flight, Apollo 10 was a "dry run" for Apollo 11Apollo missions 1 to 10 never landed on the moon.Apollo 1 ended in a fatal accident that killed three astronauts.Apollo 2 to 6 were unmanned orbital test flights of the Saturn rocket and Apollo modules.Apollo 7 and 9 were manned flights in Earth's orbitApollo 8 and 10 were manned missions that orbited the moon but did not land there.

Who were the last men to walk on the moon?

US astronauts Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt, as part of the Apollo 17 lunar mission. They were on the Moon from December 11 to December 17, 1972.

What is the shaking or vibration in the underground rocks of the Moon?

The shaking or vibration in the underground rocks of the moon is called a moonquake. Moonquakes were first discovered by the Apollo astronauts and are known to last for as long as an hour.