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Why the title called The Road Not Taken?


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Its Named That Because The Guy Took A Another Path Besides The road


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"The Road Not Taken" has a rhyme scheme of ABAAB, actually called the Road Not Taken stanza

because he had take a path that he hadn't taken before

robert frost is often called a new england poet how is this reflected in the poem the road not taken

A toll is a payment for traveling on a certain road, called a toll road. If something has "taken its toll," it has somehow taken something out of you - not literal payment, but emotional and/or physical energy.

Frost's poem is called 'The Road Not Taken' as he is reflecting on the decisions and choices we reject in life against those options we select.

the road not taken was the road on which the people usually travel and whose grass was crushed and spoiled by the feet of the people.

what is the meaning on the fourth stanza on the road not taken

The duration of The Road We Have Taken is 2700.0 seconds.

The Type of Poem Frost uses is called Peanuts

The Road not Taken was written by Robert Frost in 1915.

The Road We Have Taken was created on 2009-06-02.

the character of the road not taken is two fork{diverged }roads.

the road less taken by written by the funker junker

It's called Road to Perdition. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0257044/

Robert Frost wrote The Road not Taken in 1915 and it was published in 1916The Road Not Taken was written by Robert Frost in 1915.

You have to register on road,but not off road

Summary of the poem The road not taken by Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is a free verse poem.

The Road Not Taken - poem - was created in 1916.

Frost choose the path(path is a metaphor) because it was a path he had not taken beforejjj

The Road Not Taken - album - was created on 1989-01-31.

It is not an autobiography, but it is autobiographical. In other words, it tells of the poet's life, but not the whole of his life.

Yes, there are many figurative language in the road not taken by Robert frost.

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