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Why the weight of teenager did not increase?

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Teenagers for the most part are growing very rapidly and will burn additional calories for growth and development. If you burn more calories than you put into your body your going to loose wiegth. I would check to see what your teen is eating and to make sure they are eating in a healthy way. You can also check with your doctor to make sure their various levels are in normal ranges.

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How does physical fitness and nutrition impact on a teenager?

Physical fitness and nutrition affect everyone in a good way, but not always in the same way. For a teenager, the effects they see can include increase energy, better sleep, general happy or good feelings, and a healthy weight, and life.

Does milk aid in weight increase?

Use whole milk for weight increase.

Can Abilify increase weight gain?

Abilify has the capacity to cause an increase in weight

How do you put on weight as a teenager?

Let them eat lots of chocolate

What can increase potential energy?

increase height or increase weight

Will the weight of the earth increase?

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Can a 300 pound teenager lose weight?

Yes, with a doctor's supervision, it is quite likely that a 300 pound teenager will lose weight. A doctor is likely to recommend limited caloric intake and exercise.

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If a teenager crashes their parent's car will their auto insurance rates increase?


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No, body weight does not increase drom an insulin injection.

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What is average weight of 5'10 male teenager?

145-160 lbs

What is the average BMI on a teenager?

It depends on the teenagers height, age, and weight.

What is a healthy weight for a five foot ten inches teenager?

A healthy weight for a teenager that is 5 feet 10 inches tall, is around 160 pounds. This can vary depending on overall dietary needs.

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Why does blood pressure increase when weight increases?

Blood pressure increase as weight increase because of raised sodium levels and thickening of the arteries.

What programs are best for teenager weight loss?

The best program for teenage weight loss is Weight Watchers. It is within the budget for a teenager and allows the teenager the freedom to make healthy food choices.

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Can over weight affect fibromyalgia?

Excess weight can increase your Fibromyalgia pain, and can increase pain in general.

Can a teenager increase their butt size with teen vitamins from GNC?

NO.. only excerise will work.

Can a teenager use fish oil and vitamin e to increase their butt size?

lols. no.

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