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Not sure what vehicle you have but with most vehicles the signals and emergency flashers are separate circuits. Each have there own fuse and flasher. Check fuses, bulbs and flashers. If all checks okay it may be the signal switch At Fault.

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Q: Why turn signal switch fail when i turn it onbut emergency switch works ok.?
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How to fix 2002 caravan turn signal switch works but will not return?

my turn signal works but my switch will not return after i make a turn. please explain to me how to fix the problem

Left turn signal works right one does not hazard works on jeep?

Assuming you have checked all of the bulbs, sockets and wiring, the signal flasher could be weak or the signal switch is bad.

Why would a turn signal make a sound even when not turned on?

You may have a bad relay switch; the turn signal works thru the relay switch which is under the steering column; possibly in the dash

How clap switch works?

The clap switch works with the use of an impulse response of a transfer function. It makes use of a sound analyzer input and interface with a digital signal processor and FFTs.

You own a 95 Honda passport and when you use your left turn signal it won't work but your emergency works with the bulb you were told you need a new fuse and if that is where is the fuse box?

If the left turn signal doesn't work but the right one does and you're positive it's not a bad light bulb, it's not the fuse. More likely it's a bad turn signal switch.

1998 Chev Lumina your rear lower brake lights do not work The upper rear brake light works If you push the emergency flashers the lower brake lights start to work againWhat can be the problem you were?

It's the turn signal switch which is the culprit.

Why are your 1997 Chevy blazer brakes not working while the upper roof tail light still works?

Usually this a faulty signal light switch. The Signal light switch disconects the brake light on the signaling side and makes it flash.

What if only one brake light works AND THERE IS NO POWER TO THE BULB?

In that case, start tracking back. The turn signal switch pulls the brake light out of circuit when the signal is operating. If the switch fails, the one or both stoplights can stop working.

Left turn signal comes on but will not blink. All blink when emergency flashers are on. Right turn signal operates properly 1987 Ford F-150 Pickup?

The reason is because you have two flashers. One works with the hazard light circuit and the other works with the turning sigal circuit. Replace the flasher and if that does not work you should check for a steering column problem or a switch problem. Good Luck

Where is the fog light switch on a 2005 rubicon?

On my 2006 you pull out on the end of the turn signal, they will not come on if your brights are on, only works with dims.

On a 1966 toronado what is the slide switch on the steering column that has a cable going up to the tilt control for it only moves when tilting the wheel?

That is the turn signal switch & actually it move up & down when you tilt the column. But when you move the turn signal handle up or down it moves a small wire inside a casting that actually works the turn signal switch.

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