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Why uranium is used in nuclear power plants?


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Uranium is used as nuclear fuel in nuclear power plants because the fission of uranium atom release a formidable quantity of energy.

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Yes, uranium is the most important nuclear fuel.

Uranium is used as the nuclear fuel in nuclear power plants. Uranium, unusally in the form of its oxide, is welded into fuel rods or plates, and the rods or plates are welded together in bundles.

In bombs and nuclear power plants

Yes, the radioactive decay of Uranium-235 is used to produce power in nuclear power plants.

The energy of fission from uranium is transformed in electricity or heat in nuclear power plants.

Most nuclear power plants use uranium-235 as their fuel, in a concentration of around 4% to 5% enrichment, in combination with uranium-238, at 96% to 95%. A few nuclear power reactors can use plutonium or thorium as fuel. Any element above lead and bismuth will radioactively decay but Uranium 235 (U235) is used almost exclusively for controlled nuclear fission. uranium 235 is refined and "enriched" from uranium 238 which is what about 99% of uranium found turns out to be. In principle, any radioactive element could be used as fuel, but almost all existing nuclear power plants get their energy from the fission of Uranium, Plutonium, and Thorium. Many other elements play supporting roles at nuclear power plants; see the related question "What elements are used at nuclear power plants?".

Uranium is the radioactive element used in nuclear power plants these days. This element has a very high energy content.

Uranium fission release an enormous quantity of energy. Uranium is a fuel for nuclear power plants.

Uranium is use as a nuclear fuel in the nuclear power stations.

Somalia hasn't power nuclear reactors, research nuclear reactors, research institutes for nuclear energy, uranium mines and any plants or laboratories linked to uranium.

because the radiation of the uranium heats up and powers the turbine that creates the power

Yes, uranium is used as nuclear fuel in nuclear power reactors.

No. Nuclear power plants use a uranium to provide the heat to generate electricity from. By splitting the nuclei of uranium atoms (called nuclear fission), energy is released, which will be used for electricity generation. Uranium is a radioactive metal, not a fossil fuel.

Power plants fall into two categoiries, These and their fuel sources are:Thermal Power Plantscoaloilnatural gasbiomassNuclear Power PlantsUraniumThorium (under investigation)

Uranium is not a fossil fuel; uranium is used as nuclear fuel for nuclear power reactors.

uranium, plutonnium, and not much more except chemicals.

Yes, uranium is a nuclear fuel for nuclear power reactors. Also uranium can be used in nuclear weapons.

Nuclear fuel is used for nuclear power. It is composed usually from:uranium metal,uranium dioxideplutonium dioxideuranium carbideMOX fuel (uranium and plutonium dioxides)

Uranium is used as nuclear fuel in nuclear power reactors.

Uranium is used as nuclear fuel for nuclear power reactors. Nuclear power plants don't contribute to global warming, greenhouse effect, carbon dioxide releasing. Uranium is now the most important alternative to fossil fuels.

Uranium-235 is used as nuclear fuel in nuclear power reactors and in atomic bombs.

Most nuclear power plants run on enriched uranium. It is uranium that contains some U-238 (the most abundant natural isotope) and an artificially increased percentage of U-235.

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