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Why use ultrasound and not xray?


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xrays are more dangerous than ultrasound

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It let's them see what's wrong inside of you.

No, Ultrasound is a specialty and requires more education than an x-ray tech.

Ultrasound waves don't damage living cells like X-rays so it is safer

an ultrasound wave is used because the ultrasound is not a harmful to the baby as an xray....you can alson see a live picture with ultra sound

Ultrasound, CT scan, And the main one that measures the intake and output is the HIDA scan.

If by XRAY, you mean a plain film, which is to say a modality that uses Rontgen radiation, then, no. The adrenals need either CT, ultrasound or MRI to visualize the adrenals.

yes, but they have to know more about what they are looking at then x ray people

Animals use ultrasound but i do not know what animals do,

Doctors use ultrasound to check the health of an unborn baby.

yes when you get an ULTRASOUND when your pregnant it use ultrasound waves to show the image.

Do NOT get an Xray if you think you are pregnant... it can harm the baby and can cause miscarriage... You must see your doctor for an ultrasound...

dolphines use ultrasound to navigate through water to find food

Bats use it to navigate their caves and dolphins use it to communicate. Mice also use it to attract mates. (Ultrasound)

Yes! If you still get the same stabbing pain after your gallbladder has been removed then you need to see your doctor so they can give you an xray or ultrasound (whichever they use) to determine if any stones are left in the duct.

Ultrasound is below the threshold of human hearing. Howler monkeys use ultrasound because it travels much further than higher frequencies.

Doctors are able to make sonograms through the use of ULTRASOUND.Ultrasound.

ultrasound is a high pitched sound. bat,wales and dulphins can hear it

There are no known risks, to either the mother or the fetus, associated with the use of ultrasound.

Ultrasound is part of the high frequency spectrum of electromagnetics. Ultrasound is part of the radio spectrum of Êearthly electromagnetism.

people use ultrasound technologies, such as sonar and ultrasound imaging to observe things that they cannot see directly.

Ultrasound is used by dolphins and bats. Dolphins use it to communicate whereas bats use it to determine how far away their prey is! But they are not the only ones to use it

Boats and ships use ultrasound to detect the distance to the sea floor.

There are a number of researches that study the use of ultrasound in phonocardiography. An ultrasound may be used to identify thrombotic formations in the mechanical heart valves.

They use ultrasound for that.

They use stethoscopes, scalpels, xray machines, thermometers, syringes, scales, What_tools_do_veterinarians_use, ultrasound machines, needles, sutchers and thread, anesthesia machine, forceps, and many many more! They use a lot of the stuff used by human doctors, I just cannot think of it ll right now.

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