Why user name and password are important when logging on to a computer?

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why user name and password is important when logging onto a computer
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How do you prevent other users from logging on to your computer?

use the classic logon screen in Windows XP Professional the administrator is enabled by default and you can logon to it by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL AT THE LOGON SCREEN in Windows XP Home Edition the administrator is restricted during regular operation u may only logon to the Administrator account ( Full Answer )

How do you change your user name and password on your computer when you log in?

Changing login names & passwords . Assuming you are using Windows XP, click on the Start button, then click on Control Panel.. Select User Accounts. Click on Change An Account. Click on the account you are now using. You will then have the option of changing your log on name, or password, etc ( Full Answer )

Why do you have user names and passwords on games?

you have usernames and passwords so you can get on your own account. and not someone elses. . i dont know but ill tell you mine it is gig409 password is football44 there :)

I forgot the password to log on my computer what do i do?

Method 1: Reset your forgotten password with another administratoraccount 1. Start your computer, Log on to another administrator account oraccount which has administration privilege you will use to resetpassword. 2. Open Local Users and Groups by clicking the Start button, typinglusrmgr.msc into t ( Full Answer )

What are passwords and user names?

Are confidential items used to safeguard access to an individuals files or resources.. They should never be published or shared.

Do you have to give your employer your user name and password if you believe they want to log in as you to spy on other employees?

You should not.. But it's all depend upon to you. Because if you have love, full trust and blind believe on your dedicate employe, that's the different thing. ;). If the employer owns the operating system and database, he has every right to monitor other employees, and the right to revoke the user ( Full Answer )

How do you log in in our computer without Password?

What you have to do is do restart the computer and then don't click on anything when it starts back up. The push " Cntrl , Alt , Delete " - " Cntrl , Alt , Delete " . Then the screen should change to a type in login. ( Like at the Library, School, Or Work ) Then type in " administrator " (without sp ( Full Answer )

How do you get a password user name on poptropica?

Once you are playin poptropice on a new character there should be a blue bubble in the bottom right corner that sayz save. From there on it will have a form that you can make your own user name and password. Your Welcome!

Why is it important to log off your computer?

When you log off, the computer takes it's time to close all of the programs. If you cut the power off, then it could possibly lose data, and then some program won't work.

What is the meaning of a user name and a password?

The meaning of a username is the online name by which you are recognized. A password is a code-like option where you must enter the "password" to sign in to your account.

What is the user name and password of IEEE?

To log on the IEEE website, you have to register and create your own account. Asking a question like this here is effectively the same as asking for a "hack" or someone else's user name and password. WikiAnswers policy is clear on this: we don't give out that information or assist you in defeating p ( Full Answer )

What is imvu users names and passwords?

The username is what you use to login to the game and how people will address you if they see your avatar. Your password should be strong and unique as it will allow access to your IMVU account. Your username and password is required to access your IMVU account and communicate with other people.

How do you log on to your computer if you lost your password?

Another user of that computer could log in with his password and may be able to change your password. Administrator status is probably required. Sometimes the repair or install CD that came with the computer (or was made when the computer was new) has a feature to clear the passwords. Careful, th ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of a user name and a password?

The user name and password are very important because both are usedfor security purposes. If there is important data in a system, youwant to protect it from being stolen so that no one else can useyour details to pretend they are you, or to do things like get yourcredit card numbers.

How can I log into my computer if I don't know the password?

If you computer is a Windows PC, restart it, then hold the F8 button on your keyboard till a screen comes up asking you to choose a startup mode. (If this screen does not come up, and your computer arrives at the login screen again, then try pressing F10.) Choose Safe Mode from this menu, (with Netw ( Full Answer )

Can you play animal crossing without log in your password and user name?

Up to Four People can live at anyone given time in a Town (I think even Animal Forest the N64 version applies to this). You must play on one of the current people or make a person in order to play this is unless you are coming from another Town in which case there will be at least one resident of th ( Full Answer )

Why are computer passwords important?

Computer password is important to everybody including you because it won't be easy for hackers to hack your computer or any software you own, which is why passwords are important. They'd have to guess each time just to get it right (which would take like an eternity). It would only take an eternity ( Full Answer )

My computer has administrator password as well and i have forgotten both administrator and my user password. now is there a way to bypass the log in screen by typing some words from the keyboard?

No. If this is a dell, they can get you in. There are ways to get your password. You can also reinstall the OS because you have the disk, or do a system restore before you set the password. I won't explain the ways to extract the password, as I have heard this a thousand times from peopl ( Full Answer )

How would you import user names and passwords from a UNIX database to windows server 2003?

You can export the user names easily from a Unix password file - it is stored in the /etc/passwd file. The passwords are a different matter because they are hashed and cannot be imported into any other system to be useable. After you export the user names from the passwd file, use the 'dsadd' com ( Full Answer )

How can you log onto a computer if you forgot your password and its windows 7?

You may reset your password for Windows 7 using several methods. If your computer has joined a domain, you can reset the password from the domain controller (requires a Network Administrator to do this for you). If you have created a password reset disk, you may use that to log in and keep your encr ( Full Answer )

How can you find my password and user name?

I don't know whether there is a send user name to email or Send password to email but that would work. When you joined you should've wrote it down somewhere that you would remember where it was. Choose and easy password and user name to remember like mine. If it it a member and you don't have a clue ( Full Answer )

Why does the computer log a user log off immediately after logging in?

On XP / Vista, this is likely an issue with the winlogon key in the registry being either missing or corrupt. This is the result of a virus, or more commonly, virus software automatically removing a virus. If you can boot to a recovery console or off your original install disk, edit the regist ( Full Answer )

How do you log into facebook on another users computer?

you should be able to the way someone would if a computer ownerlogged onto his/her facebook account. but what about a computer ata library. I can't access my account from it. It says that someonetried to hack it. But, both times i tried it showed it so I knowthat it's not real. I have an active acco ( Full Answer )

Why use user-names and passwords?

because if you don't everyone would be able to do anything and sometimes you need to be banned or congrulated. that's another reason. they need to know who they are talking to

How do you log on as the computer administrator from user?

If you are using a windows based operating system then go to start menu click on switch user or Log off (if switch user button is not available directly), you will be asked to enter the name and password of your administrator account. Enter it and you will be logged on to administrator. If you are ( Full Answer )

How does a computer user log into their computer?

well there are many different ways a person can log into their computer depending on operating system. in a windows environment you would have to enter the user name and password or just password if it is password protected. on mac osx just the password and in a Linux environment it would be similar ( Full Answer )

How logging in helps computer users?

Logging in lets the computer know it's you, and helps the user in two major ways. First it sets up all your settings, your screen saver, desktop background, and any other likes and dislikes that you want to personalize the way you like it so that you have a better experience. The other major thing l ( Full Answer )

What is a meez user-name and password?

It's presumably the authentication pair required to log into "meez", whatever that is. If you're asking us to give you one, no.

What is the importance of computer to the computer users?

Well; that depends upon the type and nature of computer user e.g. A Developer / Programmer / Designer or an Architect can not even think without computers as they help them build new projects for even earning a living. A researcher can communicate to a whole wide world to seek the facts and discuss ( Full Answer )

When multiple users are logged on to the same computer?

Each user of the same computer uses what we call CPU. The more CPU the slower your computer and Internet speed will be. You can have multiple users logged on at the same time which will slow your download and upload speed.

How can you make your computer restart if the wrong password is entered to log on?

I don't understand your question. The first answer that comes tomind is to enter the correct password, but surly that's not whatyou meant. If you mean you entered the wrong password so many timesit locked you out, but you now think you know the password, you cantry removing power and restarting. If ( Full Answer )