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Why van gogh ear?

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Vincent Van Gogh cut of his ear because he and his friend Paul Gauguin had a fall out and Van Gogh was so angry he cut of his ear.

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Apparently one reason is that he cut it off, was as an act replicating a bull in a bull fight, when the bull has it's ear cut off, and offered as a token of affection. He gave it to his his "loved one" (a woman of low morals?), and yes, he did it in anger (? spurned love).

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Which painter cut off his ear?

Van Gogh

Did van Gogh sell his ear?

Van Gogh gave his ear to a prostitute who worked in a brother at Arves.

Who did Vincent van gogh send his ear to?

Van Gogh sent his ear to his Ex-girlfriend for cheating on him to show her his shock and despair.

What materials did van Gogh for portrait van Gogh self portrait with bandaged ear?

Vincent Van Gogh used and Easel and Oil on Canvas to create his self portrait with Bandaged ear. Hope this helped

What did Van Gogh invent?

Ear muffs.

Who was the painter that cut his ear?

Van Gogh

Why did Vincent van gogh only have one ear?

Vincent Van Gogh had two ears but he cut one ear off and sent it to his girlfriend.

Why did Mozart cut off his ear?

you must be thinking of Vincent Van Gogh my friend! Mozart did not cut off his ear, Vincent Van Gogh did thought....

What is van gogh self portrait with bandaged ear about?

you might think this is a little weird but..... van gogh cut off his ear for a girl to show his love for her

Who chopped off his ear?

Vincent van gogh

Did betoven cut his ear off?

No, that was Van Gogh.

Where was van Gogh when he cut of his ear?

In his room in Arles.

How old was van gogh when he cut his ear?

He was 35.

Did Vincent van gogh cut of his ear?

No he did not. He only cut of the lobe of his ear.

Did Mozart cut of his ear?

No Mozart did not cut his ear it was Vincent Van Gogh

Who painted the van gogh self portrait with a bandeged ear?

A self-portrait is when you paint a picture of yourself. So if there is a Van Gogh self-portrait, Van Gogh painted it.

Which ear did Vincent van Gogh cut off?

Part of his left ear.his left ear

Which ear is bandaged in Self portrait bandaged ear by Vincent Van Gogh?

The right ear of Vincent van Gogh is bandaged. Scroll down to related links and look at "Bandaged ear of Vincent van Gogh". At least it looks as if this is the case, but in fact he cut off the lower half of his left ear, and the self portrait is composed in a mirror.

Who cut the ear of van gogh?

It is believed that Vincent Van Gogh cut his own ear, though some believe that it might have been fellow artist, Paul Gauguin.

How did vincent van gogh hurt himself?

Van Gogh used a sharp razor blade to cut off a part of his ear.

What artist cut of his ear in1888?

Vincent van Gogh.

What did van Gogh use to cut his ear?

A sharp razor.

Who cut off his ear in impressionism?

Vincent Van Gogh

Did Michelangelo cut off his ear?

No, Vincent van Gogh did.

How old was Vincent van goth when he cut off his ear?

Vincent van gogh cut his ear when he was at the age 30

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