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Why want my Game Boy game work in my ds?

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The DS cannot play Game Boy Games.

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Yes, the Game Boy Pocket is a version of the original Game Boy.

games for the game boy origanal will not but game boy advance will

it might work in some game cubes on the bottom and you need a game disk to play the game boy advanced on the game cube

no only the advance games will work

yes, the game boy colour games actually work better on the game boy advance sp!

Both the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color use AA batteries so it does not have a charger.

yes and so do the normal game boy games :)

Yes gba and gba sp are backwords compatible with game boy and game boy coloure games but if you have game boy micro it wont work

All Game Boy games (Original up to Advance) work in the GBA. GBA micro's do not work with them, and only work with GBA games.

Yes that is what they were meant to be used on.

Yes. No Nintendo portable consoles are region locked. You can play foreign games on your gameboy all you want :)

No Nintendo Game Boy Advance games may only be played on the following devices: Game Boy Advance Game Boy Advance SP Game Boy Advance SP Mark II GameCube Game Boy Player Game Boy Micro Original DS DS Lite Original Game Boys can only play games that are labled Nintendo GAME BOY (Grey)

No, as the Gameboy advanced came after the Gameboy color. So F that

no you need the original action replay for game boy color no you need the original action replay for game boy color

Yes. All GameBoy and GameBoy Color work on a GameBoy Advance.

No, only Gameboy Advanced games work

The Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color Lead is needed. I have Traded from a GBA-SP to the Original "Brick" Game Boy, using the Game Boy Pocket lead.The GameBoy Advance Lead Looks almost Identical, but does not work with Game Boy Games and Game Boy Color games.

No. The DS is compatible with the Game Boy Advance, and there's a slot on the bottom of the unit that will accept GBA cartridges. However, it's not compatible with games for the original Game Boy or for the Game Boy Color, nor will DS cartridges work in a Game Boy Advance (though the GBA does itself have backward compatibility with the Game Boy and Game Boy Color).

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