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Control of the Suez Canal.

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Q: Why was Africa fought over in World War 2?
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What did General Patton do in World War 2?

he fought in north Africa he fought in north Africa

What continent was most of world war you fought in?

World War II was fought mostly in Europe, though there were fronts in Africa, and then Asia as well.

Where were the major battles of the world war 2 fought?

The major battles of World War 2 were fought in North Africa, Europe and the Pacific Islands.

What continents were World War 2 fought at?

World War II was fought on a global scale. Mainly Europe, Asia/Pacific Islands and Africa.

Where was World War II fought?

Europe, northern Africa and the Pacific Ocean.

How many soldiers from all over the world fought in world war 1?

how many soldiers fought in world war 1hundreds of thousands

Where was the World War 1 fought?

WW1 was a global war. It was fought in the trenches in Europe, Gallipoli, various places in Africa, naval battles around the world, China etc.

What battle was fought in Africa in World War 2?

Several battles were fought in Africa in World War 2, from 1940 to 1943, such as Beda Fomm, Gazala, Knightsbridge, two battles of El Alamein, Kasserine Pass, and Mareth.

Did Australia fought World War 2?

Australians fought to defend their own country and they fought with the Allied nations in both the European theater and the Pacific theater of the war. They did very well fighting in Africa and the Pacific. Some struggled in the colder climates but they were very good soldiers all over the globe in World War 2.

What country was the boer war fought in?

The Boer War was fought in South Africa.

In which country was he boer war fought?

The Boer War was fought in South Africa.

Why was world war called world war2?

Because it was the second "world war". The two "world wars" are called that because they were major wars that involved most countries in the world, and were fought all over the world. World War I was fought in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Atlantic Ocean, and even in the Pacific and China. World War II involved even more, and took place in Europe, Africa, Asia/Pacific, even a little bit in North and South America!

Were was World War two held?

World war two was held through out the world. That's why it was called a world war. The Germans were being fought in North Africa, Europe, and Russia while the Japanese were being fought in the Pacific and in Asia.

What was World War 2 fought over?

World War II was a combination war about ideology and natural resources.

Why was World War 2 fought in japan?

It wasn't just fought in Japan. It was also fought in Europe, Africa and other parts of Asia. Reason why World War 2 was fought in Japan was thought Japan was part of the Axis and they were fighting against the US.

Where was World War 2 mostly fought?

Europe, Asia, China Burma India, Africa,

Who fought in the battle of North Africa in World War 2?

The primary combatants were the Germans and the British.

What land was World War 2 fought on?

North Africa, Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and the Atlantic.

How many soldiers fought at North Africa in world war 2?

Alot probably in the thousands

How many Us troops fought in World War 1?

over 30,000,000 people fought in ww1

How many black soldiers fought in World War I?

Over 350,000 Served during World War 1

What continents were fought on during World War I?

Asia, North and South America, Europe, Australia and Africa were all involved in World war 1.

In which colony was the Boer war fought?

South Africa, principally Natal... ---- It was fought in what is today named South Africa; As the British took over the land the Dutch had stolen from the Black indigenous peoples.

What was the Trojan war fought over?

it was fought over land

What characterized World War 1 from World War 1I?

WWI wasn't as global as WWII, since WWI was mostly fought in Europe, while WWII was fought in Europe, Northern Africa, Asia, and the Pacific.