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During the Vietnam War, the US instituted a massive herbicidal program that ran from 1961 through 1971. The aim of the program was two-fold, one to destroy the "cover" provided by the jungle-like forest, and another to deny food to the enemy. First named Operation Trail Dust, then Operation Hades, it was finally renamed Operation Ranch Hand. A variety of chemicals, fifteen in total, were tested or used operationally during this program. The primary broad-leaf herbicides sprayed during the "testing" phase of the program between 1962 and 1964 were Agent Orange, Agent Purple and Agent White. The chemicals themselves had no color; the names refer to colored stripes painted on the 55 gallon barrels to identify their contents. Much smaller amounts of other herbicides were also tested, including Agent Pink, Agent Green, Dinoxol, Trinoxol, Bromacil, Diquat, Tandex, Monuron, Diuron and Dalapon. Agent Blue was an unrelated herbicide based primarily on arsenic used to kill rice plants which were not susceptible to the phenoxy-based agents. A variety of Paraquat-related chemicals were apparently also tested in this role. For spraying, the various agents were mixed with kerosene or diesel fuel. By 1964 the testing phase had ended, and Agent Orange was selected as the most effective agent for "territory denial". Operational use started in January 1965, increasing in breadth as logistical problems were solved. Most of Agent Orange sprayed during the program was delivered from modified US Air Force C-123K Provider aircraft under a program known as Operation Ranch Hand. Other delivery methods included helicopters, truck and hand spraying, notably for the areas directly around US bases. From 1968 on, an improved version known as "Orange II" or "Super Orange" was used as well. Spraying reached its maximum during the most intense period of the war, between 1967 and 1968. After that the program "drew down", and ended in 1971. By this point an estimated 19 million gallons of herbicide had been sprayed on Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, somewhat more than half (55%) of that Agent Orange, between 1962 and 1971. Early estimates from 1974 had placed the amounts lower, between 12 and 14 million US gallons (45,000 and 53,000 m�). In total about 6 million acres (24,000 km�) were sprayed in Vietnam alone.

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Q: Why was Agent Orange used in Vietnam?
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What other chemical were used in the Vietnam War?

Agent Orange Agent Orange

What was a chemical herbicide used in Vietnam?

agent orange

Where was Agent Orange used in Vietnam?

South Vietnam, replaced by Rome Plows..

Herbicide used during the Vietnam War?

Agent Orange

What was used to remove the leaves in Vietnam?

Agent Orange, basically dioxin.

What poison gas was used in the Vietnam war?

It was called Agent Orange.

Toxic chemicals used to destroy jungles in Vietnam?

Agent Orange.

What government was in charge of agent orange?

Agent Orange was a chemical the United States used during the Vietnam war as an herbicide and defoilent.

Is the color orange related to Vietnam in any way?

Agent Orange and Super Orange were the nicknames given to a herbicide and defoliant used by USA in the Vietnam War.

When was agent orange invented?

Agent Orange or Herbicide Orange was used during the Vietnam War as part of Operation Ranch Hand. It was first developed in 1943.

Can agent orange make a Vietnam veteran sterle?

It is possible. Agent Orange has done a great deal to the Veterans of Vietnam.

What was the name of the deadly chemical used during the Vietnam War?

Agent Orange

What was the Code name for herbicide used in Vietnam war as a defoliant?

Agent Orange.

Two chemical weapons used in Vietnam war?

napalm and agent orange

Toxic chemicals used to destroy jungle in vietnam?

The defoliant Agent Orange .

Which chemical product was used to destroy the jungles of Vietnam?

The defoliant Agent Orange .

What was the pesticide called that was used during the Vietnam war?

Mainly, Agent Orange

Is Agent orange a treated disease?

Agent Orange is not a disease but a substance used to remove leaves from trees used in the Vietnam war to expose the hidden Vietnamese soldiers.

How much agent orange was sprayed in Vietnam?

According to the US Veterans Administration's Agent Orange program; Approximately 20 million gallons of agents were used, which consisted of mainly Agent's White, Blue, and Orange. Of which Agent Orange was the most commonly used.

Which product was used to destroy jungle in Vietnam?

Both A and B Agent Orange Napalm

What chemicals were used to destroy jungles during the Vietnam war?

It was called Agent Orange

What is agent orange?

Agent orange was a herbicide and defoliant. Agent Orange was used from 1961 to 1971. They released dioxins which have caused health problems for those exposed during the Vietnam War. it was used to kill the thick vegetation in Vietnam so that the Air forces in the sky could see the enemy on the ground.a defoliant that kills leavesThe question should read, What is Agent Orange?... It was a defoliant used in Vietnam to elimate any kind and all kind of plants.

Where was agent orange shipped from?

agent orange ws shipped from the US into US Bases in Vietnam then they put the agent orange onto the helicopters then they launch the helicopters to spray the agent orange

What were napalm and agent orange?

Controversial weapons used by the United States in Vietnam

What is the codename of one of the defoilants used by the US military during the Vietnam War?

Agent Orange.