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Q: Why was Albert Einstein chosen as the Time Magazine Person of the Century?
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Who was Time Magazine Person of the Century?

albert eisteindata from amerisuccesscartit was Albert Einstein.Albert EinsteinAlbert EinsteinAlbert Einstein

Who was named person of the century in 1999?

Albert Einstein

Who are some of the most important people of the century?

Albert Einstein was voted the most important person of the 20th century by Time magazine with Mohandas Ghandi and Franklin D. Roosevelt as runners up.

What is a metaphor for someone very smart?

you are smart person

Is Albert Einstein a real person?

Albert Einstein was real. He died in 1955.

Who was the cleverest person in the world in the first half of the 20th Century?

Albert Einstein, as he concluded E=mc^2

The smartest person on earth?

Albert Einstein. just kidding it jademattox ok this time i was kidding no its albert einstein

How is life different because of Albert Einstein?

Life is different from Albert Einstein because now whenever we see a smart person, we call him einstein.

Is Albert Einstein a sceince?

no __ Einstein was a person.

Who is more famous Darth Vader or Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein is more famous that Darth Vader. Einstein is the most famous person ever.

Who was the most smartest person?

albert einstein

Who was the cleverest person ever?

Albert Einstein

Who is the cleverest person ever?

albert Einstein

Who is the person who invented pi?

albert Einstein

Smartest person in history?

The smartest person in history is Albert Einstein.

What is Albert Einstein's motivations for his actions?

Albert Einstein's motivations for his actions may have been a love of mankind. It is reported that Einstein was a compassionate and caring person who looked to promote the greater good.

Who was the smartest person ever?

Obvously, Albert Einstein

Which person use his brain most?

Albert Einstein.

What country was Albert Einstein originally from?

He is an German person

Who is the most clever person apart for you?

Albert einstein

How genius is albert einstein?

The average person's IQ score is usually somewhere between 85 and 115. Albert Einstein was believed to have an IQ of 160.

What famous person was born on pi day?

Albert Einstein

Who is the person in charge of the US?

Albert Einstein had 206.50 kids

Who was the first person to use the Scientific Method?

Albert Einstein

Who did Albert Einstein say was the most interesting person to him?