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The most informative book that you can read on this subject was written by Speer himself and is titled . The principle reason that he is considered a good Nazi is his testimony at the Nurenberg war crimes trials. He claimed that he opposed slave labor,that he never knew about the mass murder of millions of Jews and that he countermanded Hitler's orders to destroy what was left of Germany rather than it fall into enemy hands. Since he was armaments minister and probably prolonged the war by excellent planning, he was given a long sentence and was 61 when released from a 20 year sentence. The contracdictions within Albert Speers own testomony are evidence that he was not the good Nazi. He said if Hitler ever had a friend it would have been Speer. But he claims to not have knowing anything about the final solution?

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Q: Why was Albert Speer considered the 'Good Nazi'?
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Who was the nazi architect imprisoned after the Nuremberg trials?

It was Albert Speer.

Did albert speer have a wife?

Albert Speer did have a wife. Her name was Margarete Weber. He was a high-ranking minister in Nazi Germany's Third Reich. At the Nuremburg trials, he was the only Nazi who apologized for his actions.

What did Albert Speer achieve for the Nazi regime?

Albert Speer was Hitlers architect and German minister for Armaments from 1942 to 1945. Albert Apeer was one of Hitlers favourite people and both enjoyed eachothers company greatly as they both had architecture in common. Albert Speer joined the NAZI party in 1931 and 1934 Speer became Hitlers personal architect.

Who was Albert Speer and what did he do?

From documentaries I've seen on television, Albert Speer was Hitler's architect and became one of his closest confidants. He was responsible for most of the ornate building designs that promoted Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Who was the greatest Nazi?

The greatest Nazi was Albert Speer because he survived the war and his war atrocities were ignored. In fact he was considered in his lifetime "the good Nazi" Since his death he is better understood as the devious opportunist that he really was and were he in the Nuremberg trials today he would likely receive the same sentence as the others in Hitler's inner circle.

Who was the only convicted nazi to express remorse for the holocaust?

out of the Nazi leadership it was Speer.

Who was the chief architect of Nazi Germany?

not 100% sure what you mean but Albert Speer was Chief Arcitect for Hitler before he mvoed to minesterial job the Nazi artichect in terms of hte final solution was Heinrich Himmler Hope this answers your question

Why was Albert Speer considered a good NAZI?

Most historians and sources will now agree that there is sufficient evidence to believe that Speer certainly could not have been innocent and 'amoral' as suggested (or even a 'Good Nazi" for that matter) but historians such as Joachim C. Fest have put forward some good arguments that support this theory. Speer's morality concerning the treatment of slave labourers His opposition towards Hitler's Scorched Earth policy His memoirs containing citings of plans to gas Hitler in order to prevent the destruction of Germany His rather apolitical tendencies as Fest states, 'Speer was almost the only one of the accused to confess his own failure, without prevarication and without transparent excuses.' His honesty would thus give credence to his claims towards a lack of insight and knowledge of the Nazi Party's plans for the Jewish populace His purported absence at Himmler's speech on the Final Solution

Was Einstein a Nazi?

No, Albert Einstein was not a Nazi. In fact, he was actually Jewish.

Can you have a list of Nazi decendants?

Here's a list of Nazi decendants.Gudrun Burwitz, daughter of Heinrich Himmler (leader of the SS). She is still active in Neo-Nazi circles today. She is attempting to re-found the Hitler Youth.Martin Adolf Bormann, son of Martin Bormann, Hitler's private secretary, and Hitler's godson. He understands where he comes from and is horrified by it. He travels throughout schools in Austria and Germany, speaking of the horrors of the Third Reich, and even travelling to Israel to meet Holocaust survivors.Albert Speer, Jr., son of Albert Speer, official of the Nazi Party. Albert (Jr) is a prominent architect in Munich. He has no known ties to Neo-Nazism.Hilde Schramm, daughter of Albert Speer (see above). She is a known activist for people who have had Nazi attrocites perpetrated upon them.Wolf Rudiger Hess, son of Rudolf Hess. Claims that his father was murdered in 1987 by British officials to make sure he didn't reach parole after his Nuremburg jail sentence.Margret Nissen, Albert Speer's daughter. No known ties to Neo-Nazism.Eystein Eggen, son of the editor of a Nazi-SS magazine.Edda Goering, daughter of Hermann Goering (leader of the Luftwaffe, and Hitler's desired successor).Klaus, Horst, Dieter, and Ricardo Eichmann, Adolf Eichmann's four sons. None of them have any known ties to Neo-Nazism.

Who were the famous people in the Nazi government?

Hitler Goebbels Goering Ribbentrop Hess Bormann Himmler Speer

What were albert speers architectual achievements?

Alber Speer built the Cathedral of Lights (150 spotlights) during the Nurnberg Parade with Nazi flags/banners which were 10 stories in length. He also constructed the new Reich Chancellery over the old one which had the Marble gallery over 146 metres long. Speer built the Triumphal Arch in 29 april, 1939 (hitler's 50th birthday). Speer was commissioned to build alot of the Gauleiter's homes Speer was offered to build Germania, but that was suspended due to war

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