Why was Andy Griffith buried the same day of his death?

When looking at all the papers and online articles, seems it is what he wanted and had planned for. In NC, enbalming is not mandatory for burial. Thus, without that in the process, things must move more swiftly. Now, it did not have to move as swiftly as it did, but some other things that are a part of Andy's character did speed it up I feel. He knew he was a celebrity, but never liked the constant attention and invasion of privacy the media often treats celebrities with. He also knew one other important aspect being from rural NC: "We don't like being made a fuss over." Also, being done so quickly did not allow the media hounds to crash the funeral, to pressure the family for photos or details, nor to disrupt their already grief-stricken states with unnecessary attacks. It is what Sheriff Taylor would have done - always thinking of someone else's best interest. That's our Andy.