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A lot of medical experimentation was done at Auschwitz - Dr. Josef Mengele carried out procedures like:

-Seeing how long soldiers could last in the cold by placing inmates in a freezer until they expired

-Shooting inmates to see how wounds could be treated with minimal supplies

-Poisoning inmates to test cyanide alternatives

Just to name a few.

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Q: Why was Auschwitz the cruelest death camp during World War 2?
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Are Ukraine and Auschwitz the same?

No, Ukraine is a country and Auschwitz refers to the camp, active during the Holocaust.

What was the City in southwestern Poland's site of the largest Nazi death camp during world war 2?

The death camp was called "Auschwitz".

What was Auschwitz-Birkenau during World War 2?

A large combined concentration and extermination death camp for Jews

What is the name of the biggest death camp during the holocaust?

The largest of the death camps during the holocaust was Auschwitz, in Poland.

What was one of the major death camps during the Holocaust?


Can you give an example of sentences using the word cruelest?

He was given the cruelest punishment, death via lethal injection.

What city in southwestern Poland was the site of the largest Nazi death camp during World War 2?

Auschwitz (Polish: Oswiemcim).

What is the city southwestern Poland site of the largest Nazi death camp during World War 2?

Auschwitz or, in Polish, Oswiemcim.

What was the largest and most known death camp during the holocaust?

Auschwitz (Birkenau).

How long was the Auschwitz death march?

The auschwitz death marches were a total of 60km

What is the ratio of survivors to people who died in the death camp Auschwitz during World War 2?

it was about 1:10, but if you include those who died within six months of leaving Auschwitz, then it is closer to 1:30.

What was Auschwitz-Birkenau used for?

Auschwitz-Birkenau was a Nazi death camp during WWII. It was infamous for the fact that most people shipped there where executed.

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