Barack Obama

Why was Barack Obama elected president?

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2012-10-28 17:39:30

Two reasons:

A lot of people felt Senator Obama was more likely to make

positive changes in the country than Republican candidate Senator

John McCain. McCain was old and carried a lot of personal and

political baggage. He also chose a poor running mate, Sarah Palin

whose ignorance was mostly an embarrassment although she showed

flashes of ability and charm.

Obama was young and vigorous and seemed like a good person with

a clean personal and political record and new ideas. He chose a

running mate who had long experience in the Senate and noted for

his knowledge of international affairs.


Obama won because he wanted to stop the war and he wanted to

make change to the U.S.A. and the political system. He outlined

plans to help educators and help health care.

My thoughts: widespread dissatisfaction with the administration

of George W Bush, especially the invasion of Iraq; "it's the

economy, stupid!"

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