Why was Canada called the Dominion of Canada?

The following answer is wrong: The original of title of Canada, was to be the "Kingdom of Canada". Our first Prime Minister of Canada who was Sir John. A MacDonald wished for our new nation to be called the Kingdom of Canada. However, during the American revolution, the monarch did not want to offend the Americans by the name, so they officially declared Canada as a dominion country but under British rule. The Dominion of Canada. (During the American revolution the king would have been happy to offend the Americans since they were at war. But the events of the American Revolution happened almost 100 years before Canada became independent in 1867)

Actually, the name "dominion" comes from the King James Bible verse "and they shall have dominion from sea to sea". This verse is also referred to in the motto to the Canadian coat of arms, "ad mare usque a mare" which means "from sea to sea". The word "dominion" meant "independent country" and was unique to Canada, the official name of which was "The Dominion of Canada" (Australia and New Zealand never were never officially called "dominions"; Australia is a "commonwealth").