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According to The Street Book: An Encyclopedia of Manhattan's Street Names and Their Origins, by Henry Moscow, Canal Street was named for, "a 40-foot-wide canal, flanked by trees and a promenade, which was dug in 1805 to drain the Collect, or Fresh Water Pond (on the site of Foley Square), into the Hudson River.

"Environmentalists opposed the canal because the Collect provided good fishing and ice skating. But precursors of Robert Moses said the pond bred mosquitos and had to go. The canal too bred mosquitos, though (and land in the area was becoming valuable), so after a decade both the canal and the muddy remains of the pond were filled in. A bridge that crossed the canal at Broadway was simply buried and incorporated into the road."

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Q: Why was Canal Street in Manhattan named Canal Street?
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Lower Manhattan is located in which part of the island of Manhattan?

Lower Manhattan has no official definition but generally refers to the area below 14th Street, although there are references to "lower Manhattan" as being below Canal Street or below 23rd Street.

How many miles are there between 96th Street and Canal Street in Manhattan?

According to the measurements I got from Google Maps, Canal Street is approximately 6 miles south of 96th Street.

How do you get from Penn Station to 139 Canal Street Manhattan?

The address 139 Canal Street is between the Bowery (to the west) and Chrystie Street (to the east). Take the Downtown A-C-E(the blue line) from 34th Street-Penn Station to West 4th Street. Transfer at West 4th Street to the Downtown B or Dtrains (of the B-D-F-M, the orange line), and take the Downtown B or D to Grand Street (at Chrystie Street).Walk 2 blocks south on Chrystie Street to Canal Street (Grand Street ---> Hester Street ---> Canal Street). Turn right onto Canal Street.Between the Bowery and Chrystie Street, Canal Street is intersected by the Manhattan Bridge Roadway. The Manhattan Bridge Roadway cuts through Canal Street just west of Chrystie Street, runs north for half a block, and then merges into the Bowery. For this half-block stretch, the Roadway is called Canal Street (even though it is not part of the "real" Canal Street).The address 139 Canal Street is located on this half-block stretch of Roadway that is called Canal Street. It is not on the "real" Canal Street.So, you'll turn right onto Canal Street, and walk a very short distance (about 100 feet) to the fork in the road where the Manhattan Bridge Roadway cuts through. The left side of the fork is the "real" Canal Street, and the right side is the extension made by the Roadway.Take a right onto the Canal Street extension. About 50 feet up the road, you will see the Mahayana Buddhist Temple. On the left side of the Mahayana Buddhist Temple is 139 Canal Street.

Where is Canal Street located?

Canal Street is located in the New York City Chinatown, which is located in Manhattan. It a main street in the area and contains six different subway stations for transportation.

What are some streets in New York City that start with C?

Avenue C (Lower Manhattan) Cabrini Boulevard (Upper Manhattan) Canal Street (Lower Manhattan) Cardinal Hayes Place (Lower Manhattan) Carlisle Street (Lower Manhattan) Carmine Street (Lower Manhattan) Cathedral Parkway (Upper Manhattan) Catherine Lane (Lower Manhattan) Catherine Street (Lower Manhattan) Cedar Street (Lower Manhattan) Central Park North (Upper Manhattan) Central Park South (Midtown) Central Park West (Upper Manhattan) Centre Street (Lower Manhattan) Chambers Street (Lower Manhattan) Charles Revson Plaza (Upper Manhattan) Charles Street (Lower Manhattan) Charlton Street (Lower Manhattan) Chatham Square (Lower Manhattan) Chelsea Square (Lower Manhattan) Cherry Street (Lower Manhattan) Chisum Place (Upper Manhattan) Chittenden Avenue (Upper Manhattan) Christopher Street (Lower Manhattan) Chrystie Street (Lower Manhattan) Church Street (Lower Manhattan) Claremont Avenue (Upper Manhattan) Clarkson Street (Lower Manhattan) Cliff Street (Lower Manhattan) Clinton Street (Lower Manhattan) Coenties Alley (Lower Manhattan) Coenties Slip (Lower Manhattan) Collister Street (Lower Manhattan) Columbia Street (Lower Manhattan) Columbus Avenue (Upper Manhattan) Columbus Circle (Midtown) Commerce Street (Lower Manhattan) Convent Avenue (Upper Manhattan) Cooper Square (Lower Manhattan) Cooper Street (Upper Manhattan) Corlear Place (Upper Manhattan) Cornelia Street (Lower Manhattan) Cortlandt Street (Lower Manhattan) Crosby Street (Lower Manhattan) Cumming Street (Upper Manhattan)

Where is Church Street located in New York City?

There are two Church Streets, one in the borough of Manhattan, and one in the borough of Staten Island. Assuming you meant the one in Manhattan: it's a northbound street in Lower Manhattan that runs from Liberty Street up to Canal Street.

How do you get to Canal Street from the Times Square subway station?

You can take the Downtown 1 train (of the 1-2-3,the red line) from 42nd Street-Times Square (at 7th Avenue) to Canal Street (at Varick Street). This station is on the West Side of Manhattan.Or, you can take the Downtown N-R-Q-W (the yellow line) from 42nd Street-Times Square to Canal Street (at Broadway). This stop is further east than the Canal Street Station on the 1train. It will drop you off pretty much exactly in the center of Manhattan.

Where does the Manhattan Bridge lead to?

The Manhattan Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn, at Canal Street in Chinatown (on the Manhattan side) and the Flatbush Avenue Extension, in the DUMBO neighborhood (on the Brooklyn side). DUMBO is an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

How long is the subway ride from Canal Street in Manhattan to Coney Island?

It's about 45 minutes, an hour at most.

Is Fulton Street near Canal Street in New York City?

Yes, Canal Street is a little over half a mile north of Fulton Street. But Lower Manhattan, below Houston Street, is a very tiny area. All of the streets are no more than two miles apart or so.

What subway train goes to 47 Chrystie Street in Manhattan?

The address 47 Chrystie Street is between Canal and Hester Streets. The closest subway stations are the B or D(of the B-D-F-M, the orange line) to Grand Street, the F to East Broadway, the N-R-Q-W (the yellow line) to Canal Street, the 6 (of the 4-5-6) to Canal Street, and the J-Z (the brown line) to Canal Street or the Bowery.

Where can one buy blood diamonds?

You can find them in the New York's Diamond Districts, but they are they're very expensive. The most common diamond districts selling them are the ones on 47th Street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan, and the one on Canal Street in Lower Manhattan.

Was there ever a street in Manhattan named Walnut Street?

Yes there was. It is now Jackson St. on the East River. I'm not sure why or when the name changed.

In what part of New York is the Holland Tunnel located?

The Holland Tunnel traverses the Hudson River and connects Manhattan to New Jersey. The Holland Tunnel traverses the water at Spring Street in Lower Manhattan. Canal Street also veers north diagonally to almost meet Spring Street at the entrance to the tunnel. So the tunnel is located at the almost-intersection of Canal and Spring Streets.

What subway do you take from the Gershwin Theatre to Canal Street?

It depends where on Canal Street you're going to. The Gershwin Theatre is at 222 West 51st Street, between 8th Avenue and Broadway. You can walk half a block east to Broadway, and one block south to 50th Street, and take the Downtown 1 train (of the 1-2-3, the red line) from 50th Street (at Broadway) to Canal Street (at Varick Street). This is the westernmost stop on Canal Street.Or, you can walk half a block west to 8th Avenue, then one block south to 50th Street, and get the Downtown C train (of the A-C-E, the blue line) from 50th Street (at 8th Avenue) to Canal Street (at 6th Avenue). This stop is still on the west side of Manhattan, but further east than the Canal Street Station on the 1 train.Or, you can walk one and a half blocks east to 7th Avenue, and two blocks south to 49th Street, and take the Downtown N, R or Q (of the N-R-Q-W, the yellow line) from 49th Street (at 7th Avenue) to Canal Street (at Broadway). This is roughly in the center of Manhattan.

How do you get dot blueprint for Manhattan street lighting?

blueprints for Manhattan street light.

How do you reach the Canal Street train station in Manhattan from 55-59 Chrystie Street?

There are actually three or four Canal Street Stations (two of the stations are connected to each other, so they can be considered to be one station).In order from west to east, there is the Canal Street Station on the 1 train (of the 1-2-3, the red line), at Varick Street, the Canal Street Station on the A-C-E (the blue line), at 6th Avenue, and the Canal Street Station on the Nand R trains (of the N-R-Q-W, the yellow line), at Broadway, which is connected to the Canal Street Station on the 6 train (of the 4-5-6, the dark green line) and the J-Z (the brown line), at Centre Street.All of these stations are west of 55-59 Chrystie Street, which is between Canal and Hester Streets. So the directions to all of them are the same: walk half a block south to Canal Street, and then walk west on Canal Street to the station.

What is the longest crosstown street in Manhattan?

The longest crosstown (east-west) street in Manhattan is 14th Street. At 2.3 miles (3.7 km), it is the widest point of Manhattan.

What goes under the Manhattan Bridge?

The East River, which is actually not a river, but an estuary, or a tidal strait. Unlike a true river, it connects to the ocean on both sides. It flows south from the Long Island Sound, down the east side of Manhattan and the west side of Queens and Brooklyn, into the Atlantic Ocean.There are three bridges that connect Brooklyn to lower Manhattan: the Brooklyn Bridge, the Williamsburg Bridge, and the Manhattan Bridge. The Manhattan Bridge is the southernmost of the three: it connects to Manhattan at Canal Street. The Williamsburg Bridge is in the middle; it connects to Manhattan at Delancey Street. The Brooklyn Bridge is the northernmost of the three, connecting to Manhattan at Houston Street.

Why is the Panama Canal so named?

The Panama Canal is named as such because it is a canal and is in the country of Panama.

Was there a deHeere street in New Amsterdam?

the Heere graht was a canal, that ran from the Hudson river through New Amsterdam to allow goods to be carried on barges, from the ships in the port. The canal ran along what is now Broadway. If in fact there was a street named DeHeere, it woould have been at the end of the canal, or renamed after the canal was filled in.

What subway to take from Manhattan to Wall Street?

Wall Street is in Manhattan. Without a specific starting point in Manhattan (an address or cross street, or at the very least, a neighborhood) your question is unanswerable.

How can you transfer from the 6 train to the R train on the New York City subway system?

You can transfer between the 6 and the R at 3 stations in Manhattan: 59th Street-Lexington Avenue, 14th Street-Union Square, and Canal Street.

How do you get from Penn Station to 47 Chrystie St in Manhattan?

Take the Downtown A-C-E (the blue line) from 34th Street-Penn Station to West 4th Street.Transfer at West 4th Street to the Downtown B or Dtrains (of the B-D-F-M, the orange line) to Grand Street (at Chrystie Street).Then walk 2 blocks down Chrystie Street to 47 Chrystie Street, near the corner of Canal Street (Grand Street ---> Hester Street ---> Canal Street).

What street is the widest from east to west in Manhattan?

At 2.3 miles, 14th Street is the widest point in Manhattan.