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Christianity was the religion of all western Europe by the year 1100.

Medieval Monks spread Christianity by many different techniques. Now, if you are talking about Medieval Monks in Europe, then they spread Christianity by telling others mostly. There is a website all about Medieval Monks below.

religion was the strongest influence in western Europe

The areas of Europe that likely believed in Christianity was the western part of Europe, which is Spain and Italy.

Western Europe does not have a central religion. But, the largest religion in that region would be Christianity.

That Western European countries all embrace Christianity, and therefore brings them closer.

Christianity is predominant in the western regions of the world, such as America and Europe.

Europe and the Western Hemisphere

japan's religion was Shintoism and they also practiced zen in Europe they practiced Christianity or Catholicism

Catholicism in Western Europe, Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe.

They didn't. They originated in the Middle East.

Christianity, Islam,and Judiasm.

europe and entire western hemisphere[:

The most widespread religion is Christianity.

The medieval knights of Western Europe were nearly all Catholic. In Eastern Europe, after the East-West schism, knights were mostly Eastern Orthodox, but when we think of medieval knights, in their armor, we are usually thinking of Western Europeans.

An infant receives the sacrament of baptism soon after he is born.

Christianity. In parts of western Europe, especially Ireland France, Spain and Portugal, the Christian denomination is mostly Roman catholic. In Scandinavia, Germany and Switzerland it is mostly Lutheran. In the UK it is mostly Anglican.

Neither Christianity nor Isalm orignated in Europe. Christianity Originated in Judea (modern day Israel) and Islam originated in Mecca (modern day Saudi Arabia)

The Roman Emperor Constantine is the person who established Christianity in Europe.

Aside from pagans, nearly everyone in medieval Europe believed in the same God, who was the God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

If by west you mean Western Europe, then it was Rome for the majority in Christianity - Catholics.

the migrations that happened with the roman empire collapsed

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