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she helped heal the wounded men
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Q: Why was Clara Barton so important in the Civil War?
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How was Clara Barton important to the civil war?

she helped sodiers in the civil war

Where did Clara Barton serve in the civil war?

clara barton served in the civil war as a nurse

What important events were going on in Clara Barton's world?

the civil war

Why is Clara Barton famous and what did she do in the war?

Clara Barton was a famous nurse in the civil war

Who was Clara barton and what did she do?

Clara Barton Started the Red Cross and was one of the most important people in the Civil War Era.

What did Clara barton do in the civil war?

Clara Barton was a nurse for the Confederacy (South) :3

Who was a civil war nurse?

Clara barton.

What War or Wars did Clara Barton nurse in?

Civil war

What wars did Clara Barton help in?

the civil war

Did Clara Barton go to the civil war?


What was Abraham Lincoln's relationship with Clara Barton?

Abraham Lincoln hired Clara Barton in the civil war

What important organization did Civil War nurse Clara Barton help found?

The Red Cross.

What did Clara barton do that was so important during the civil war?

She was a nurse.She healed the injured soldiers.

Did Clara Barton die before or after the civil war?

Clara Barton died at the age of 90 in 1912 - some 47 years after the Civil War ended.

How old was Clara Barton when she started serving as a nurse in the Civil War?

Clara Barton was 52 years old

What were Clara's accomplishments after the Civil War?

One of Clara Barton\'s accomplishments after the Civil War was starting the Red Cross.

How many people did Clara Barton treat during the civil war?

she treted about 32165495473675649465465435465486465465 people clara barton saves about 30000 people during the civil war

Was Clara Barton married during the Civil War?


What was Clara Barton's nickname at Civil War?

The Angel of the Battlefield

What did Clara Barton do during the civil war?

Gradpoint answer : Nurse

What did Clara Barton find after the civil war?

the red cross

Who was one of the doctors in the civil war?

clara barton was the first

Did Clara barton serve in the civil war as a nurse?

Yes she did.

Did Clara Barton ever get wounded in the Civil War?


What did Clara barton serve during the civil war?