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February was picked as Black History Month when Carter Woodson created Black History Week in 1926 near the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln, Booker T. Washington, and Frederick Douglass. (February)

Black History Month was made to remember the achievements of black people in America. This was made specially, because black people endured slavery in the early days of the republic, and contributed to various fields even before they were emancipated.


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Q: Why was February selected as Black History month?
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Why is february selected black history month?

It;s the shortest month of the year

When is black history month?

black history month is in February

Why was February the month for black history month?

Feburary the month for Black History Month because we celebrate black peoples in history.

Is it black history mouth?

Black history month is in February.

What is the black history month?


When the black history month?


What month is known as black history Month?


Black History Month is observed in what month?


What month is Black History Month?

The month we celebrate black history month is February in the United States and Canada. In the United Kingdom, black history month is October.

What is the month of February known as?

The month of February is known as "Mud Month".

How many days are in black history month?

There are 28 in February since it is Black History month.

What month is black history celebrated?

In the US and Canada, Black History Month is celebrated in February. In the UK, Black History Month is celebrated in October.

What month was originally black history month?

It was always February.

Why is Black History month in February?

Black History month is in February because Abraham Lincoln (who freed the slaves in America) was born in February. This was also the birth month of Frederick Douglas.

Why was February chosen for the black history?

its the shortest month.

What month was black history originally?

It was always February.

What holiday lasts for the month of February?

February is black history month but its not really considered a holiday

Do you capitalize black history month?

Yes. Since it is considered a historic event you have to capitalize it.

What month is Black History month in?

Black History Month is set in the month of September in the United Kingdom, but is observed in the month of February in both Canada and the US (United States).

What are February holidays?

Black history month, valentines day...

When was black history week made?

There is no Black History week Jackass. It's called Black History Month and it was made to be in February

In us in what month is black history month?

In the US and Canada its February, in the UK its October.

Is February always the month for black history month?

I'm not your computer don't ask me

Why was February black history month?

The month of February is Black History month because most Black people who helped our State is mostly born on February.But if you don't believe me look on wiki and look up Black persons who helped our life.

Why isn't there a white history month only a black history month That's racist?

Every month of the year except February is white history month in America.