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Why was Frederick Douglass nickname little giant?


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Fredrick Douglass was not named "Little Giant" that was Stephen Douglass. Stephen Douglass was nick named little giant because he was well... fat and short.


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Frederick Douglass' nickname was, The Black O'Connell. He was also known as the Little Giant. Frederick Douglass was most known as a leader in the anti-slavery movement.

The"The Little Giant" was Stephen Douglas not Frederick Douglass. He was the opponent for Lincoln in the Lincoln Douglas debates and beat Lincoln in Senate race in Illinois.

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It was "The Little Giant"... Stephen Douglas got this nickname after a political brawl in 1834 "it was the norm for politicians to fist-fight and even previously have duels"... President John Quincy Adams was shocked to witness the five-foot, four inch Illinoisian, during one of his speeches in the House of Representatives, he ripped off his necktie, unbuttoned his coat and began to brawl in a roaring defense of Andrew Jackson. After Douglas was taken out of that meeting house in Jacksonville, Illinois, by a cheering crowd, who coined him "The Little Giant" and the nickname stuck because of his short stature and powerful political influences.

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