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History of lemons in Middle Ages?

Lemons were not used much during the Middle Ages, lemon cultivation started in Genoa at the end of this era.

Which city was not known for trade florence Venice genoa or rome?

Rome. Florence and Venice especially grew rich from trade, and as did Genoa to a lesser extent. Rome, though important through most of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, was not a trade city.

Why was armor important for the Middle Ages?

itw as important because in the middle ages there was lots of war and violence

What was the political structure of Genoa during the middle ages?

Genoa had a republican government beginning in the 11th century. It was at that time an independent commune, or republican city, technically within the Kingdom of Italy. There is a link to an article on the Republic of Genoa below.

Which activity was most important in the middle ages?

Sex, murder, and farming are all equally important in the middle ages

Whats so important about middle ages and lord and serfs?

What is important about middle ages, lord, and serfs is their interdependence.

Why was Canterbury important in the Middle Ages?

Canterbury Cathedral was important in the middle ages because of St. Thomas's death. This meant loads of pilgrims flocked to Canterbury in the middle ages.

Why is the middle ages called middle ages?

it is in the middle of something that was important to find out more look it up

Is trading important in the middle ages?


Why was religion so important during the middle ages?

Because religion was so important during the Middle Ages, most people owned Bibles.

Why were vikings important in the middle ages?

The vikings kept the world population down in the middle ages, which is good for the economy.

How important was bread in the Middle Ages?

Bread was probably the most important food for most people of the Middle Ages. Another important food was porridge, but it probably placed second.

How were Women viewed in the later Middle Ages?

They were viewed more important then in the early middle ages but, not as important as the men. Please see the related question below.

What is a seneschal?

an officer in the house of important nobles in the middle ages in the french administration system was a officer in the house of important nobles in the french administration of the middle ages

Why were cathedrals important in the middle ages?

because religion was really important to them

In the Middle Ages most musicians were what?

The most important musicians during the Middle Ages were priests and those who worked for the church.

Why was gruel important to history in middle ages?

because it was

Why were pilgrimages important during the middle ages?

i cant

Why was Jerusalem important in the middle ages?

It was fought for in the crusades.

In the middle ages most important musicians were?


Why were Kings important during the Middle Ages?

They were the government

Why were the middle ages important?

It is a 1000 years of history.

What were the important routes for pilgrimages in the middle ages?

no i cant answer it

What is the importance of the renaissance to the middle ages?

extremely important

What city was important for weaving in the middle ages?