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Washington is called the Father of his Country, because in a very real sense, that is what he was. He played a central and critical role in the founding of the United States. He was active in the events that led to the Declaration of Independence.

When the Revolutionary War began, he was the supreme commander of the colonial military forces which eventually forced the British to withdraw their troops and acknowledge American independence. Not only did he carry out the war effort, but he worked to get the colonies to send money for supplies and kept up the morale of his troops. Washington then participated actively in drawing up the US Constitution and getting it ratified. Finally he served as the first President of the new United States republic.
HE ESTABLISHED the country as a Republic
George Washington was a founding father that helped the US to gain our independence. He was very influential in the starting years of the nation as a leader in the Revolutionary War and our first president.

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Why is George Washington known as the 'Father of Our Country?

Why was George Washington known as the farther of our country

What was George Washington's nickname?

"The Father of our Country".George Washington was known as The Father of his country.

What was george washington known as?

the father of the country

Who is the father of your US country?

George Washington is known as the Father of the Country for the US

What was George Washington known as of his country?

Father of America

Who was known as ''father of the country''?

If the country you are referring to is the US, that would be George Washington.

Who was the first president of the USA also known as the father of your country?

George Washington

What did George Washington do in his life?

George Washington was born in February 22, 1732 and die in December 14, 1799. George Washington became known as "The Father of Our Country". He was call The Father of Our Country" because he crated earliest days. He is an important person in the history of the United States.

What was George Washington known as in his country?

George Washington known as being the big apple catcher..

Who is known as father of America?

George Washington

What president in the US was known as the father of his country?

The first one, George Washington, who served in office from 1789 to 1797.

Why is James Madison known as the father of the country?

James Madison is known as the Father of the Constitution for two reasons. He took extensive notes that allowed future generations to understand what went on at the Constitutional Convention, and, he was the author of most of the Bill of Rights. George Washington is known as the Father of the Country.

Who was known as the father of your ciuntry?

George Washington is commonly referred to that way.

Why do they say the father of are country can't tell a lie?

George Washington is known as the Father of Our Country. His famous words were "I cannot tell a lie." He is supposed to have said those words to his father after his father asked him if he cut down his cherry tree.

Who is known as the father of his country?

If you are talking about the founding fathers, George Washington,Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, Benjamin FranklinThe categories say it all.George Washington

Why was Washington's monument constructed?

The Washington Monument was constructed in order to honor the memory of George Washington and to inspire succeeding generations. Known as the Father of his Country, George Washington was critical in the formation and sustainability of the United States of America from British colonies to independent nation.

What is george washingtons dads name?

Augustine Washington was George Washington's father. George Washington is most known for being the first President of the United States of America.

What is George Washington mostly known for?

he was known for loving his country and never let go of his dreams

Did George Washington help write the US Constitution?

George Washington is known as the father of the US. He was one of the founding fathers who came up with the Constitution's framework and ideals.

What kind of childhood did george washington have?

There is not a lot known about the childhood of George Washington, and much of what people think they know is based on urban legend. It is known that Washington was homeschooled, could grow tobacco by the time he was a teenager, and lost his father at the age of 11.

In what country was George Washington born?

George Washington was born on his parent's plantation near Bridges Creek in what is known as Westmoreland, Virginia Colony in what is now part of the United States.

What are some great quotes from George Washington?

George Washington is known for many great quotes. In his famous speech when he left office, he told the country to avoid foreign relations and multiple parties, for they will only hurt the country and divide it.

What did Father Hildalgo do?

He was one of the conspirators and later heroes of the Mexican Independence War (1810-1821). He is the equivalent to George Washington in Mexico, and is known as the 'father of the nation'.

How George Washington helped to form the US?

Washington was known as the father of his country (the US) for good reason. He was an important player in every stage of the formation of the US. He served important roles from the first stirring of the Revolution through the drafting and setting up of the Constitution.

Who is more famous George Washington or Usain Bolt?

George Washington is the better known of these two.

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