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Why was Hadrian's Wall built?

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to keep the pics out of england. because the romans were scared of the scottish

Picts, not pics.

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What wall near Scottish border was built by romans to keep the Scottish out of england?

Hadrians Wall.Hadrians Wall.Hadrians Wall.Hadrians Wall.Hadrians Wall.Hadrians Wall.Hadrians Wall.Hadrians Wall.Hadrians Wall.

Who built hadrians wall?

the Romans built Hadrian's wall

Who lived near hadrians wall?

Hadrians wall is in Rome and It was built by the sevants of King Hadrian. And they found timber by it.

What was Hadrians wall built for?

To keep the Scottish out....

What famous wall did the Romans built between Scotland and England?

Hadrians wall

What is hadrians walland what Roman Emperor had it built?

Hadrian's wall is a wall built in England to keep out the invading Celts. It was built by Hadrian.

What was ancient hadrians wall built for?

Hadrian's Wall was built to defend Roman Britannia from attacks by the Celtic tribes of Scotland.

Where does hadrians wall start and end?

Hadrians wall was built starting in North East England and ended in Cumbria. Which means that John from carillion does not actually live in Wallsend

How old is hadrians wall?

built between 122 and 130AD, you can work the maths

Who Roman Emperor built a massive wall across northern Britain in AD?

It was Hadrians wall.

When was Hadrians wall built?

Construction on Hadrian's Wall is thought to have begun in 120 AD and lasted about six years.

What does Hadrian's Wall represent?

Hadrians wall was built by the Roman Empire in an attempt to repel the tribes living in Scotland.

What is the Hadrians wall?

a defensive wall built by emperor Hadrian to seal off much of what is now Scotland from the romanized South.

What does Hadrians Wall mark?

Hadrians wall marks the furthest extent of the Roman conquest of britain(not counting the antonine wall)

When did emperor hadrian build hadrians wall?

Hadrian built the wall to mark the boundary of the empire and to prevent raids by the Scottish tribes.

How many years did it take to build hadrians wall?

It took 14 years to build Hadrians wall

How important was Hadrians wall?

It was the least important wall

How thick is hadrians wall?

How thick is hadrian wall

Which is longer Hadrians Wall or Amazon River?

The Amazon River is much longer. Hadrians Wall, in England, is much shorter.

Hadrians wall was a defense against what?

Hadrian's Wall was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian to protect his Roman Army from the original inhabitants of Scotland, the Picts.

Why did the Romans build hadrians wall?

They built Hadrian's wall to keep the scottish out But they FAILED ! I should now because my best friend is half scottish!

Attractions in Scotland?

hadrians wall

Why was Hadrians wall built?

To mark the limit of the Roman Empire and guard against inroads by the primitive tribes living to the north.

How did hadrians wall get built?

Hadrian wanted to build the wall because he liked the thought of big sweaty men moving rocks:P isnt that right;)klhj

What happened after the Romans fight against the Britons?

They have reached to the today's Scotland and then built the Hadrians wall so the north empire can not attack them.