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he was iportant becase he risk is life by eascapeing slavery in a box.

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Why was he important Henry box brown?

for being mailed in a box to freedom

Who is henry box brown?

Henry Box Brown was a very determined and clever slave

When did Henry box brown escape?

Henry "Box" Brown escaped on March 30, 1848.

When was Henry Box Brown born?

Henry Box Brown was born on the year of 1815-1879

How did Henry brown get his nickname the box?

Henry Brown shipped himself in a box to the north, so that he could earn his freedom from slavery. Since he traveled in a box for about 24 hours he got the nickname Henry box Brown

Who escaped from the box as a slave?

Henry 'Box' Brown.

Where did Henry brown hide?

in A BOX

When did Henry Brown Die?

The actual cause and time of death of Henry Box Brown is unknown

Did Henry box brown find his family?


When did Henry brown box die?

Its unknown

How did Henry box brown die?

He was shoot

How did Henry brown die?

Henry Box Brown's death was unknown

What did Henry box brown have with him in the box?

He had a supply of water and sum food for the trip

What are facts Henry Box Brown?

he was a great man

What did henry box brown accomplish?

to end slavery

Were is Henry box brown hometown?

He was born in Virgina

What is the family history of Henry Box Brown?

henry box brown was known for many things but nobody paid attention to his parents. His mother name was jazmyne helms brown and his father was tracy gage.

Who were important people involved in the underground railroad?

Important people involved in the underground railroad were, Harriet Tubman, and Henry "box" Brown. those are some important people involved.

How did Henry brown escape?

he was packaged in a box and shipped to Pennsylvania.

What did Henry Box Brown do as a slave?

he mailed himself to freedom

Is there a biography on Henry brown inventor of strog box?

no, there isnt

What was the name of the slave who made the trip?

henry "box" brown

What was Henry box brown motivations?

to act right and to get respect

What is Henry Box Brown famous for?

First, his name is Henry Box Brown. He was an abolitionist who's family was sold away from him, seeing that they were all slaves. He one day decided to escape slavery, so his friends helped him to climb into a shipping box, being addressed to an abolitionist in the union. The box was carried, Henry Brown inside, all the way to what I believe was New York. There, he was a free man. From that day on, March 31, he was known as Henry Box Brown. That day also became his artificial birthday.

What did Henry box brown eat while he was in a box?

henry didnt eat any thing while in the bow he had a jug of water but no food