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The political parties of Germany fought from 1929 to 1933. Adolf Hitler was a member of the Nazi party in the early 1920's. He gave tremendous speeches to get people to follow him. Also, his puppets, the brown shirts, burned the place where the government met in Germany. Hitler then framed the Communists. Because of his speeches and backstabbing, he was able to reach power.

In the mid to late 1930's, Hitler took what had been taken from Germany after World War I, such as the Rhineland. Neville Chamberlain signed the Munich Agreement to give Hitler the Sudetenland, and acted like you could trust Hitler. This only gave Hitler the knowledge that no one was going to stand up to him until he blatantly attacked another nation.

In the war, Hitler used blitzkrieg, lightning war, to quickly take over countries such as Poland, Norway and France, and Romania. By the end of 1941, he had pushed all the way to just short of Moscow in the East, North Africa in the south, Norway in the north, and completely through Spain in the west.

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Why was Hitler able to come to power in Germany?

He was elected.

How were Nazis able to gain power in Germany?

It was Hitler who brainwashed everyone.

How was Hitler able to gain dictatorial power in 1933?

the German parliament gave him dictorial power -mE plato

Why and how was Hitler able to persuade so many people to support his plans?

most people who sided with Hitler wanted power or were afraid of him

How and were the nazi able to come to power?

adof Hitler led them and they had a big and strong army

What are factor in how Mussolini and Hitler were able to exert power in Europe?

Used gas in bottles

Why was Hitler able to take power in Germany before the the start of World War 2?

why do you hate me?

Who was able to use their positions and policies more effectively to gain power Hitler or Stalin?


When did Hitler gain power?

Hitler gained power in 1933.

Who had power when Adolf Hitler was in charge?

Adolf Hitler had the power.

Did Adolph Hitler reach his accomplishments?


When did Hitler take power and when did he lose the power?

Hitler rose into power in 1934 and he lost power in 1945.

How did aldolf Hitler come to power?

how did adolf Hitler come to power

When did the Germans put Hitler to power?

they didn't Hitler took power.

Why do you think Hitler was able to amass so much power so quickly?

He told them what they wanted to hear.

Did Hitler want to kill Einstein?

Well, as Albert Einstein was a Jew of course Hitler would have wanted him dead. But Einstein was out of reach in Princeton, NJ from shortly after Hitler came to power and during all of WW2, so there was nothing Hitler could actually do to try to kill him.

Why was Hitler able to gain so much power?

Adolf Hitler was able to gain so much power because he could get so many people to follow him. (Think of all those Nazis) Then he abused his power by starting a war against all Jewish. He also allied with other strong countries and captured others.

How did Hitler reach his goal?

he killed anyone

How was Hitler able to get power in Germany?

i dont know why don't you get a fuucking Enciclopedia you mother fuucking Niiger of a biitch.

Where did Adolf Hitler have power?

Hitler had power in Germany during World War II

What government was in power before Hitler became leader?

von Hindenburg was in power but when he died Hitler came into power

Why unemployment was reduced when Hitler came into power?

One way to reduce unemployment in Germany was to force able-bodied people into the armed forces and start a war, which is what Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did.

Would Hitler come to power if Germany's money system didn't go bad?

It's debatable whether or not Hitler would have come to power just based on one significant event. In actuality, Hitler and the National Socialist Party were able to come to power because Hitler promised he would end the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty financially devastated Germany and left many Germans bitter and vengeful.

How were Hitler and the Nazi Party able to consolidate power in Germany between January 1933 and March 1933?

They had a good plan.

When was Adolf Hitler in power?

Hitler was in power from 30 January 1933- 30 April 1945.