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Pure insane race hatred. Hitler believed that Germans were inherently superior beings who were supposed to rule all other peoples. He believed that the Jews had, for many centuries, been involved in a great conspiracy to rob the German people of their rightful place in the world and he was going to put a stop to it. Michael Montagne

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Q: Why was Hitler so obsessed with killing Jews?
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Did Hitler try to send the Jews to other countries before he started killing them?

No, but many Jews got out of the countrey away from Hitler. Some where not so lucky.

Why was hitler successful in killing so many jews?

Basically because no one (no country) opposed him.

Why do so many Christians hate hitler for killing the jews?

Because so many Christians are decent people.

What is the name of the person who helped Hitler in killing Jews?

There were hundreds of people who helped Hitler in killing the Jews, from party officials to the people working in the concentration and extermination camps, so it would be too many to name them all, and practically impossible.

Why did the killing of the holocaust all start?

because hitler want to kill jews. this was so because, hitler had a ideal of a non jewish europe

Why did Hitler kill 46 million Jews?

Hitler killed 6 million Jews, not 46 million. There were only 15-16 million Jews in the world in 1939, so killing 46 million would actually be impossible. However, Hitler's reasons for killing the Jews are outlined in the Related Question below.

Why did hitler kill 60 million jews?

Hitler killed 6 million Jews, not 60 million. There were only 15-16 million Jews in the world in 1939, so killing 60 million would actually be impossible. However, Hitler's reasons for killing the Jews are outlined in the Related Question below.

How did the Holocaust effect the world?

the holocaust effected the world by killing so many jews, because hitler had a mustache

What was Hitler trying to achieve by killing so many people?

Hitler was trying to create the perfect race, so to create the perfect race he killed Jews and other minorities.

What did Hitler plan for Poland and the Polish people?

Hitler based his actions on his beliefs so he used the Polish Jews and all other Jews as scapegoats. He aroused people's interest's of killing Jews by using propaganda to show how "horrible" the Jews were. So basically he planned on slaughtering the entire population of Jewish people and have it be justified by his propaganda.

Was Hitler a Muslim?

Hitler was not a Muslim, he was actually a Christian. He didnt limit himself to only killing Jews, he also killed Muslims. So it would be very unlikely that he was also a Muslim.

Did Jews hate Hitler?

Hitler killed many Jews, so yes, Jews hated Hitler. But not necessarily. If you want to know, you should ask them. In many households, Hitler is not talked about or thought about.

Why did they hide Jews?

Hitler was going around killing Jews, so to save themselves from getting killed, they had to hide.They also hid long enough to migrate to other, safer parts of the country.

Why is hitler known today for killing so many jews?

Because it was an egregious crime that stands out even among the greatest infamies of world history.

How did the Jews influence Hitler?

Hitler did not understand the Jews or know any Jews, so he was terrified of the Jews, which caused him to hate them and scapegoat them for all of the problems in the word.

Was Hitler constipated?

In various cases of studies it is shown that Hitler WAS constipated. While he was killing Jews he was CONSTIPATED so no one liked him cuz he smelled like poo. I hope i have helped u.

What caused the haulocaust?

Hitler didn't like the Jews and other ethnic types of Eastern Europe so the Holocaust was the German's way of killing 13 million undesirables including 6 million Jews.

Why was Hitler so mean to the Jews?

He thought that all of the world should be a perfect place and every one should have blond hair and blue eyes. The Jews also had a different religion then Hitler. Christianity was what he wanted even if that meant killing 6 million people.

Why did Hitler hate Jews so much 2008?

Hitler hated Jews because they loved God, and Hitler hated God, as he showed by his life.

Why couldn't people stop Hitler before he killed so many people?

because they didn't want to risk wasting men or accidentally killing to Jews

Why was there a holocaust in World War 2?

Hitler was half jew. When he was in university he was studying art and a jew did not allow him to become an artist so he began killing jews.

Hitler called his plan for killing the Jews?

Leading Nazis at the Wannsee Conference called the plan for killing the Jews the Final Solution (Endloesung) to the Jewish Question. I do not think there is any record that Hitler actually participated in the planning, though he must have done so. Hitler was certainly antisemitic and his antisemitism led to Germany devoting enormous resources to the extermination of the Jews even when those resources would more rationally have been allocated to the military in the latter stages of the war.

Why was Hitler so nasty?

He hated the Jews

What is Hitler famous for?

Hitler is famous for leading the nazis and killing Jews because he wanted a perfect race,he also wanted everyone to have blue eyes and blonde hair so everyone would look the same.

Adolf Hitler hated Jews so he killed them all almost?

Adolf Hitler killed 6 million jews.