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Why was Jamestown significant?

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first permanent English settlement

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Why is Jamestown significant?

first permanent English settlement

What three significant things developed in Jamestown?

One thing is that Jamestown was named after King James of Europe.

What guaranteed the success of Jamestown?

There was a significant amount of money that backed the colony at Jamestown. That helped in its success, but the main crop of success was tobacco.

What was the significance of the founding of Jamestown?

It was significant becasue the was the first settlement in the new country.

Who was a significant person that lived during the start of Jamestown?

I believe it was John Smith

Why was Jamestown significant and what state was it in and how was it established?

Jamestown was established in Virginia as the first successful colony in the New World. It was established by English explorers trying to find a way to India.

What factors led to its development of Jamestown virgina?

There are several factors that led to the development of Jamestown, Virginia. The production of tobacco as a cash crop played a very significant role in its development.

Explain the Significance of corn and tobacco to the Jamestown colony?

Corn and tobacco had a great significant to Jamestown Colony. Tobacco grew better in the area than in England and corn fed the colonists.

What is significant about the date 1607?

in 1607,the first permanent English settlement in north America was established at Jamestown, Virginia.

Rhode Island economics in 1770?

jamestown jamestown jamestown jamestown

Why was Jamestown named Jamestown?

Jamestown was named after King James I.

Where was Jamestown?

Jamestown is in Virginia.

What state is Jamestown University in?

Jamestown is located in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Is Jamestown in England?

No, Jamestown is in Virginia.

What was Jamestown famous for?

what is jamestown famous for

What is the Jamestown symbol?

What is the symbol for jamestown

Where is the Jamestown City Library in Jamestown located?

The address of the Jamestown City Library is: 311 D Walnut, Jamestown, 66948 0287

Where is the Jamestown Branch Library in Jamestown located?

The address of the Jamestown Branch Library is: 86 Seaman Dr, Jamestown, 45335 1503

Where is the Jamestown Philomenian Library in Jamestown located?

The address of the Jamestown Philomenian Library is: 26 North Road, Jamestown, 02835 1438

Where is the Jamestown Museum in Jamestown Rhode Island located?

The address of the Jamestown Museum is: 92 Narragansett Ave, Jamestown, RI 02835

What is historically significant about Virginia's house of Burgesses?

The House of Burgesses was the first elected represetative body in the American colonies. It began meeting in 1619 at Jamestown. Representatives of the people of Jamestown met as the House of Burgesses to deal with problems like hunger, disease, and attacks by Native Americans.

What are facts Jamestown settlement?

Jamestown owner before was james mendenhall who found jamestown

Who was the first namesake of jamestown virginia?

Jamestown was the name of the town. Jamestown is located in Virginia.

Is Jamestown in Virginia?

yes , Jamestown is in Virginia!

Was Jamestown located on swampy land?