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Because the Duke of Normandy made his archers shoot high in the air so they had more of a chance of hitting Harold!

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Q: Why was King Harold shot in the eye in the Battle of Hastings?
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Who shot king Harold in the eye in the battle of Hastings?

william tell

Who got shot in the eye in the battle of hastings 1066?

King Harold of England

Who stabbed King Harold in the Battle of Hastings?

He was not stabed he was shot by an arrow through the eye by an ordinary soilger

In what year did William the Conqueror win the battle of hastings?

He won it in 1066 when King Harold got shot in the eye.

How did King Edward die in the battle of hastings 1066?

He died in bed, he was ill, or if you mean Harold, he was shot in the eye by a Norman arrow

What happened during the Battle of Hastings?

See the link to the BBC description of the Battle of Hastings. == == == == == == § Contenders for the English throne led to the Battle of Hastings § Harold's Pledge to Duke William of Normandy § William obtains the Pope's approval to attack England § Norman preparation for the Invasion - a Holy War § King Harold prepares for battle against the Normans § Treachery! Earl Tostig plots with King Hardrada of Norway § The Vikings Invade! The Battle of Fulford § The Battle of Stamford Bridge § The Norman Invasion - Preparations at Dives § Duke William Lands at Pevensey - The Normans Invade England § King Harold Receives News Of The Norman Invasion at York § King Harold Gathers an army In London § Duke William Builds a Pre-Built Castle at Pevensey § The Norman Invaders March To Hastings § King Harold's Noble Strategy § King Harold at Senlac (Re-Named Battle), near Hastings § Duke William enters negotiations with the Saxons * The Battle Of Hastings Dawns * Duke William prepares for the Battle of Hastings* Duke William raises The Papal Standard * Duke William issues battle orders * King Harold Prepares For Battle * King Harold issues his battle orders * The Normans advance * The two armies meet * The Battle Of Hastings * The Battle Of Hastings rages from 9am to 3pm* King Harold is Shot above the eye * The Norman's Strategy deceives the Saxons * The Story of the Saxon Knight * The Story of the Norman Knight * The Saxon Barricades are broken * Duke William in battle * The Normans close ranks on the Saxons * The wounded King Harold is killed by the Normans * The English Retreat at the Battle of Hastings * The Normans win the Battle of Hastings * The aftermath of the Battle of Hastings * The Burial of King Harold * Review of the Battle of Hastings

Was Harold shot in the eye before the shield wall broke at the Battle of Hastings?


What happened to Harold after the Battle of Hastings?

he got shot in the eye by an bow and arrow.

In 1066 was king Harold the king of England?

Yes, Harold was king in 1066 until the Battle of Hastings when Harold was shot in the eye with an arrow by William of Normandy's army. After Harold had been killed William became king and went around killing most of the english and robbing their houses.

Did the English win the Battle of Hastings?

The Normans won the battle of Hastings, as King Harold his eye got shot with an arrow then the Normans finished him of by staping him with a sword. That is to say the Normans won with a little bit of luck.

When did the battle of hasting end?

The Battle of Hastings was fought on October 14, 1066. It was an all day battle that ended with the death of King Harold II, who was shot through the eye with an arrow.

Why is Harold Godwinson famous?

Harold Godwinson ( c. 1022 – 14 October 1066), was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England. He was killed at the Battle of Hastings. After the Anglo-Saxon's defeat, the Norman victors gained total power.

Who was Harold goodwinson?

Harold Godwinson was King of England for less than a year. He lost his throne in the Battle of Hastings, in which he got shot in the eye by a Norman archer and died (surprise, surprise)

How was the Battle of Hastings ended?

the battle of hastings ended by one of williams soliders who shot harold in the eye with an arrow,and then harolds army ran away or is killed

Facts about Battle of Hastings?

The battle didnt actually take place in hastings it took place 6 miles from hastings in a place called battle.Harold Godwinson was killed by being shot in the eye by an arrow.

Who got shot in the eye in the battle of hastings?

the king of England 1066

When did Harold Godwinson die?

14 october 1066Harold Godwineson died during the Battle of Hastings, after supposedly being shot in the with an arrow.

How did harald hardrada get the throne of England?

Harold Hadrada did not win the battle of hastings he was killed by Harold Godwinson at Stanford bridge. After a long fight William Duke of Normandy shot Harold Godwinson in the eye which made William thr king of England.

Was William the Conqueror the King of England?

Yes he was, he won the battle of hastings against Harold, who got shot by an arrow in the eye, so therefore England needed a new king. William was the king of England for 21 years.

When was Harold godwinson defeated?

Harold was shot in the eye by an arrow in The Battle of Hastings in 1066. His soldiers then gave up as they thought that they couln't do without a leader.

What killed Harold II in 1066?

He was in the battle of Hastings and got a arrow shot in his one of Williams solder

In the battle of hastings who got an arrow shot in his eye?

Harold Godwinson got shot in the eye and he was then killed by being quartered, that's why William won.

What eye did Harold get shot in by an arrow in the battle of Hastings?

Probably neither. The evidence is that the 'arrow' shown to be striking Harold in the eye was actaully a later repair to the tapestry.

Was king Harold actually killed by an arrow in the at the battle of hastings?

Sort of. He was shot in the eye with an arrow but then tried to pull it out. He pulled most of it out but left the arrow head in his eye. Harold carried on fighting but died a few minutes later.

What important things happened in the Battle of Hastings?

that Harold got shot in the eye by an arrow from duke Williams taeam that's how Harold died and that's all i know