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Why was Louis riel a hero?

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Louis Riel was a hero because he fought for his beliefs and what he thought was right. He was also a leader of the Metis and Red River territory. He had also formed a Metis government. He showed that the Metis can stand on there own

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Is Louis Riel a hero or traitor?

Louis Riel is A hero

Louis riel hero or villain?


How did others view Louis Riel?

A hero

What did people think of Louis Riel?

Among the Métis, and in Québec, Louis Riel was a hero. In English Canada, especially among Orangemen, Riel was the Devil personified.

Was Louis Riel a hero?

In my oppinion he was .Most definitely a great Canadian Hero!

Why was Louis Riel a villain?

Louis Riel was a hero, not a villain.

Did Louis riel have any accomplishements?

He led all the metis to protest against the government to get there own rights Louis riel is a important Canadian hero.

Was Louis reil a good person?

it depends on your perspective. if you're on the English side, then Louis riel was a pest. if you're on the french side, then Louis riel was a great hero who defended their rights.

What has the author Louis Riel written?

Louis Riel has written: 'The Queen vs. Louis Riel' -- subject(s): Riel Rebellion, 1885, Trials, litigation, Trials (Treason) 'Louis Riel' 'The collected writings of Louis Riel' -- subject(s): History, Riel Rebellion, 1885 'The Queen v Louis Riel' -- subject(s): Riel Rebellion, 1885 'The Queen vs. Louis Riel, accused and convicted of the crime of high treason' 'The selected poetry of Louis Riel' -- subject(s): Translations into English

Was Louis Riel a hero or a traitor?

I think that Louis Riel was both a hero and a traitor becuase to some people he was a hero but for others he was a triator .__________________Riel is both a hero and a traitor.To Canada Riel is a traitor, a criminal, a murderous villain. Riel stood up for the rights of those who lived in and had rightful claim to, lands Canada bought from the Hudson Bay Company. Lands Canada wanted everyone to think of as empty of people.To many in the lands colonised by Canada Riel is a hero for standing up against Canada, standing up for the rights of the little guy against a violent colonizer.To many in Quebec he is a hero because he was French and stood up to an English Canada, an Ontario Canada.

What did Louis Riel do important?

Well,Louis Riel was the founder of MAnitoba.

Why was Louis Riel remered?

Louis Riel is remembered for the Manitoba Act .

What province did Louis Riel form?

why did Louis Riel form Manitoba

Why did Louis Riel come to Alberta?

Louis Riel did not "come to Alberta."

When was Louis Riel born?

Louis Riel was born on October 22, 1844.

When did Louis Riel die?

Louis Riel died on November 16th 1885.

Why was Louis Riel excuted?

Louis Riel was convicted of treason and sentenced to death.

What was Louis riel personality?

Louis Riel was a very knid hearted person.

When was Louis Riel executed?

Louis Riel was executed on November 16, 1885.

What rights did Louis riel fight for?

Louis Riel fought for the Metis rights

Where and when was Louis Riel executed?

Louis Riel was executed in Regina on November 16th 1885.

What year was Louis riel born?

Louis Riel was born on October 22, 1844.

Where was Louis Riel exicuted?

Louis Riel was executed in present day Regina, Saskatchewan .

What group of people did Louis Riel lead?

Louis Riel lead the( Metis )revolutionists

How did Louis Riel find Manitoba?

Louis Riel was born and raised in what is now Manitoba.

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