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Margaret Thatcher liked to act tough. She had several nicknames, most of them unflattering.

Thatcher was called the Iron Lady because of her tough approach in dealing with her opposition, especially in the war with Argentina.
And now, she has a Street with his name in Madrid:

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Q: Why was Margaret Thatcher called the Iron Lady?
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Who termed Margaret thatcher the iron lady?

A Russian journalist called her the "Iron Lady"

Which British prime minister was called the Iron Lady?

Margaret Thatcher.

Who was called an iron lady?

Margaret Thatcher, former UK Prime Minister.

Why she been called iron lady?

the Russians called Margaret Thatcher Iron Lady because she was cold, strong an difficult to change her mind

Who was known as iron lady?

Margaret Thatcher

What former politician was known as iron lady?

Margaret Thatcher was known as the Iron Lady

Who was known as the iron lady of England?

Margaret Thatcher

Who was the 'Iron Woman' in politics?

i think its Margaret Thatcher Mrs Margaret Thatcher, British prime minister in the 1980s, was known as the iron lady.

Mikhail Gorbachev called what British leader the Iron Lady?

Margaret Thatcher

What are the release dates for Margaret Thatcher The Iron Lady - 2012?

Margaret Thatcher The Iron Lady - 2012 was released on: USA: 24 August 2012 (video premiere)

What is the Special name of Margaret Thatcher?

'The Iron Lady'- which is what she was called by other world leaders. OR 'MT'- standing for Margaret Thatcher, obviously. Other people would of called her 'Maggie' and all sorts but, her special one is 'The Iron Lady'.

What nicknames did Margaret thatcher have?

The Iron Lady was her main nickname.

Which Prime Minister of Britain was known as the Iron Lady?

Margaret thatcher

What were the nicknames of Margaret Thatcher?

Her best known nickname was 'The Iron Lady'.

Who was called the Iron Lady of the British twentieth century?

This was Margaret Thatcher, UK prime minister from 1979-1990.

What Prime Minister of Great Britain was nicknamed the iron lady?

Margaret Thatcher.

Who is the Iron Lady of Great Britain?

Former Prime minister Margaret Thatcher

What world leader was nicknamed The Iron Lady?

Margaret Thatcher (most famously)

What were some of the nicknames of Margaret Thatcher?

The Iron Lady, The Leaderene, and The Milk Snatcher.

What names was Margaret Thatcher called?

Margaret Hilda Thatcher She was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990 Later in life she was known as Baroness Thatcher Her nickname was The Iron Lady.

What is Margaret thatchers name?

Margaret Thatcher, nee Roberts. She was the first female prime minister. Her nickname was the "iron Lady". She was created Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven.

Who is the only woman to have served as British prime minister?

Margaret Thatcher (the "Iron Lady").

Is Margaret Thatcher a lady or duchess?

A lady : )

Why was Margaret thatcher given so many spiteful nicknames?

Thatcher was a strong willed lady and she did her job well in the field of men in politics. The best name I like was the iron lady.

What is Maraget thatcher's nickname?

The Iron Lady The Iron Lady