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Michael Jackson was the lead singer because his father created the band The Jackson 5. His father noticed Michael liked to sing, and that was how he was the lead singer.

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The lead singer of the Jackson 5 was Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was the lead singer in the Jackson 5 and was the main singer in his solo career :P

Yes. Michael Jackson Was the lead singer of The Jackson 5, until he broke up with them to play alone.

His father had originally wanted Jermaine to be the lead singer, but his mother Katherine made Joe listen to Michael sing and that was it. He made Michael the lead singer of the Jackson 5! that's how he got into the group, he was a Jackson brother and a very strong singer.

yeah! he was the lead singer! In loving memory of Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Randy Jackson is not related to Michael Jackson. The Jackson 5 were all brothers.

Before Michael Jackson was a singer he was just a young school boy with brothers who had a band. In time he joined the band and the renamed it the Jackson 5 with Michael as the lead singer.

Joseph Jackson, his father, got the group together in the first place. Michael Jackson was the lead singer.

of coarse!! he was the lead singer, and was only 10 years old

Michael took over the lead singer of the Jackson 5 x he had taken it of off Jermaine

Michael has always been the lead singer of the Jackson Five since they were still doing local plays at bars, that's why he was so well knowledged about the music industry

i can say yes but he had his ups and down with his brothers. he had mostly downs with his older brother jermaine because he was jelous of michael taking the lead singer of the " jackson 5". jermaine wanted to be the lead singer of the jackson 5, but jackson took his spotlight.

Michael was with the Jackson 5 from the beginning. His father wanted Jermaine to be the lead singer, but when Michael showed his talent, his father immediately reconsidered. Michael has always been the star of the show.

Jackson five wer the band made by Michael jacksons father wich consists of all five of his sons and Michael as the lead singer and check the rest on wikipedia

Co lead singer and bass player

Tito didn't had any problems with it. It was Jermaine who was the first lead singer so when Michael came Jermaine became a background singer. Jermaine said that he never was jalous, and Michael said the same. So Tito was oke with it, he was the guitar player and when Michael became the lead singer he was still the guitar player.. :P

5 of course. there was tito, guitar, marlon, singer/dancer, jackie, singer/dancer, michael!, lead singer/dancer, and jermaine, bass.

The Jackson 5 was a pop/R&B group from the late 60s and is best known for the singer Michael Jackson

He is the father of Michael Jackson and the manager of the Jacksons/Jackson 5. There is also a singer named Joe Jackson.

Michael Jackson became famous because he was in a group called the Jackson 5; Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael, and Jackie.As child he was the lead singer for his brothers group the Jackson 5 and the music just kept coming. He went solo and had various hits through the years and knew how to put on a good show.

Before becoming famous he was a child of the ages zero to five. He began his career at age 5 as the lead singer of "Jackson 5"

Michael Jackson started singing in the Jackson 5 when he was a little boy. He was the best of the group, so he sang the most out of everyone.

He went on becoming a solo singer. His first album, after breaking from the Jackson 5, was "Off the Wall".

The kid group "Jackson 5" - which included lead singer Michael, Tito, Jermaine, Jackie, and Marlon - was the launching point for Michael Jackson's career.The Jackson 5 was formed around 1964, and one of their earliest memorable TV moments was when they appeared, together, on "The Ed Sullivan Show" (December 14, 1969).

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