Republican National Conventions

Why was Minneapolis St. Paul selected to host the 2008 Republican National Convention?

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2008-09-09 00:30:23

Because they submitted the winning bid.

All large events that don't happen in the same city every time

go through the same basic process: the hosting organization sends

out a Request for Bids. (The Republican National Committee does

this slightly differently: it creates a list of cities that it will

accept bids from and sends invitations to them. Not all the cities

who are invited agree to bid.) It will say that they need certain

things: a place to hold the event that will hold more than x number

of people, enough hotel rooms so every person going to the event

can have one (lots of people take their spouses to the event),

enough restaurants to feed everyone, an airport that can handle all

the traffic expected (including ramp space for a certain number of

privately-owned airplanes because some people will fly themselves

in), companies to rent chairs, tables, linen service and so on

from, things for people to do after a day's events have's pretty extensive.

Anyone who wants to hold the convention then creates a bid

packet: we have 12,000 hotel rooms, we have a convention center

that will hold 1900 people, we've got six hospitals and three

airports, there are 500 restaurants in town and delegates can

choose to go to nine plays, two baseball games, 50 movie screens

and over 600 bars. We also have great sweeping views that would

look great on television.

They might get thirty bids. From that they'll weed through them

until they're down to three or four, and then they start touring

the cities whose bids are on the shortlist. The one they like best

gets the convention.

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