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Why was New York founded in 1609?


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It was admitted to the union in July 26, 1788. In 1609, Henry Hudson discovered Manhattan Island.


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Henry Hudson founded New York in 1609. BearExpert99

New York was founded by the Dutch. New York was founded by the Dutch. ___________________________________________________________________________________ New York was controlled by the dutch from 1609 to 1664. It was called New Amsterdam. New York still has many dutch street and place names. The Netherlands also had control of Indonesia for a while.

New york was founded in 1664

The New York Colony was governed as a Royal Colony. The Colony of New York existed from 1609 to 1692.

The New York coloney was founded by Duke of York in 1664

New York City was founded in 1664.

Henry Hudson discovered New York in 1609. New York became a part of the United States in 1788.

New York, New York (New York City) was first founded in 1624 as a trading post by Dutch colonists.

The New York Colony was founded for religious freedom

New York University founded in 1831.

The New York Giants were founded in 1925.

Henry Hudson found New-York for the Dutch in 1609

The Dutch came to New York in 1609, ten years before the Mayflower.

it was founded in 1664 by the duke of York

New York was founded in 1624 :)

New York was inhabited by various tribes of Algonquian and Iroquoian speaking Native American tribes at the time Dutch settlers moved into the region in the early 17th century. In 1609, the region was first claimed by Henry Hudson for the Dutch. In 1609 the King of England was James I who reigned from 1603 to 1625.

It was first claimed by Henry Hudson on 1609.

Peter Minuit is said to of founded New York in 1626.

A settler named Peter Minuit founded the colony of New York.They duke of york

new york was founded because they like founding things named new york

new york colony was founded because of religious freedom

New York is Founded in 1626.

The Colony of New York was founded in 1664. New Netherland was founded in 1624. The Duke of York took it from the founders and renamed it New York in 1664.

Samuel de Champlain, the "father of new France", founded the first permanent french colony at Quebec in (1609) and explore northern new york state.

Didn't exist as New York. No one was there but native Americans. The first American colony was Jamestown in 1609.

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