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The reason why Okocha was not the best player of the year can be answered two fold:

Firstly he didn't have a great season in the Premier League - Bolton finished in the middle of the table during a season where several other players had very good seasons playing from the same position (his main contribution was as a play maker). More significantly, he failed to score in the league (he did score in the cup games including the League Cup semi final against Aston Villa which is where most people judge his season on as they remember it clearly) - where as the best player has to be the best week in week out from the very first kick of the season.

Secondly the subject of best player is subjective - no two players play the same hence the best player can therefore only be a hypothetical argument at best (compare Van Nistelrooy and Henry for example both are forwards in the same position but play very differently).

Okocha is a good player in an improving middle of the table club playing in a league which is dominated by great players. Had he played for a club like Arsenal last season he still (subjectively) would have been outshone by the likes of Henry and Lampard to name but a few.

Okocha was not best player due to the politics at CAF that year.The President of CAF is a Camerounian.Furthermore,Okocha outshined Eto'o that year and was evn given the BBC African player of the year.

The reason Okocha was not the best player of the year :

He decided to go on holiday to Spain to try to make some friends. He didnt get much luck there so he went back to his home town in nigera. Jussi Jaaskelain to this oppotunity to become the prems footie player of the year

And also Because Cristiano Ronaldo was more or less most likely to get it because he was consistently performing well in the Premier League.

He wasnt the best player because he didnt play the best. PERIOD

Because there was a player czlled thierry Henry play at that time aswell....


he simply was not lucky though everyone agrees he is one of the best players to have come out of Africa,even when he was in PSG with ronaldinho he played very well and ronaldinho later confessed that he learnt his tricks from watching okocha play.back in Africa it was all about politics that denied him the footballer of the year twice.




he was rubbish taht was wh

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Q: Why was Okocha not the best player of the year?
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