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Why was Phil of the future cancelled?


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February 04, 2011 12:34AM

I think it has been canceled SORRY GUYS.

No it's not . It comes on around the middle of the day (It used to)

I never see it anymore. Aly was in it and she's a singer so she probably has no time for new episodes. so it is canceled. but there are two different types of canceled. one is that it never comes on again. And two is that they only show repeats. In this case its probably already forgotten so no new episodes!

To me I think that when a show is canceled or ended, it sometimes means that one of the characters on the show is too busy or have another show that they think might make them even more famous. Or sometimes when the directors/producers/writers thinks that there are not enough people watching the show then they just quit making it. Another reason why shows (Or Phil Of The Future) ends is that the show probably has been going on for like almost 2 years or something, but that kind of fits in reason #1) :) ~Sweetcute10 PS I MISS PHIL OF THE FUTURE TOO,BUT IT'S OKAY THERE ARE A LOT OF OTHER SHOWS!!!!!)