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he was famous because he was the first who had the idea of cubism.

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How did Pablo Picasso reach to be so famous?

He became famous for the abnormality of his paintings.

Was picasso famous after he died or after he died?

Picasso was famous already when he lived

Was Picasso famous for his art work if so for what art work?


What is a Picasso sketch?

A sketch by the famous artist Pablo Picasso.

Why did Picasso become so famous?

Because people felt he was a great artist.

Where did Pablo Picasso become famous?

Pablo Picasso became famous during his years in Paris, from 1901 on.

When did Picasso get famous?

About 1907.

Was Picasso Italy's most famous illustrator?

Picasso was Spanish and did not work in Italy.

Why was Picasso famous?

because he was awesome

When was Picasso most famous?

He still is.

What is Pablo Picasso?

he was a famous artist

Was Picasso famous in his lifetime?

He certainly was.

Who the heck is Picasso?

a famous artist

What did Picasso accomplish why he was famous?

Of his art

Who were famous cubist artists?


Who are famous painters from Spain?

Picasso was from Spain and he is very Famous.

What artwork was Picasso famous for and why?

Picasso was famous for his epic painting on Guernica and the weeping woman because he used them both to express his anger

Where was the famous artist Picasso born?

Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga Spain in 1881

Whats the first name of picasso?

The first name of the famous artist Picasso is Pablo.

Why is Picasso famous and how has Picasso contributed to humanity?

Picasso revolutionized painting and influenced generations of artists during the 20th century. So his contribution to art is immeasurable. How art contributes to humanity is a wide topic of psychology and sociology.

What painting is Picasso famous for?

Picasso's most famous painting is Guernica

What is the medium of the painting Portrait of Picasso?

Portrait of Picasso is not a painting, but a famous poem by Gertrude Stein.

Picasso famous for what kind of art?


What was Pablo Picasso famous for?

painting pictures

Why is Picasso famous?

Because he revolutionized painting.