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Why was Pluto named Pluto?

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Pluto is the Roman name of the god Hades, the god of the underworld. It follows the tradition of naming the planets after the Greek and Roman gods.

The name "Pluto" was proposed by Venetia Burney, an 11 year old schoolgirl from Oxford, England who was interested in Astronomy and mythology.

The Disney Dog and the element plutonium were named after the "planet" Pluto.

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How was Pluto named?

it was named after a god named Pluto

Pluto he planet was named after Pluto the dog?

no Pluto the dog was not named after the planet Pluto.

Was the dog Pluto named after the planet Pluto?

Yes, the dog was named after the planet Pluto.

Who is Pluto is named for?

Named for Pluto, ancient god of the underworld.

Is Pluto named after something?

Is. Pluto is named after the Roman god of the underworld.

What element is named after the dwarf planet Pluto?

Plutonium is named for Pluto.

What is Pluto named after?

The dwarf planet, Pluto, was named for the Greek God of the underworld.

When was Pluto named a dwarf planet?

Pluto was named a dwarf planet 2005

Was Pluto named for Mickey Mouse's dog?

No, Pluto was named after the greek god Hades

What was Pluto named after?

The Roman God of the UnderworldPluto was named after the Roman god of darkess and the underworld

Is Pluto named after Hades?

Pluto is the Roman equivalent of Hades, and was created afterwards. Pluto the planet, was named after Pluto the Roman god. Not hades the Greek god.

Who is Pluto named after?

Like the other planets (or former planet in this case), Pluto is named for a Roman god. The Greek equivalent of Pluto is Hades

How did Pluto the planet get its name?

Pluto was named by Venetia Burney of England.She got the name from Pluto- the Greek god of the underworld.The Lowell Observatory officially nAMED THE PLANET pLUTO.

What is the Scientific name of Pluto?

It has no scientific name. It was named Pluto and that was that.

Who was named after the planet Pluto?

the Roman god of death Pluto

How was planet Pluto named is ther a myth or legened?

Pluto is named after the roman name for the greek god Hades.

Did mickey mouse own a dog named Pluto?

Yes, in fact he still owns a dog named Pluto.

What planet named the god of death?

Pluto. Is Pluto a planet these days?

Which greek god was Pluto named after?

Pluto is the Roman version of Hades

Is Pluto named after Mickey Mouse dog?

Other way round, Mickey Mouse's dog is named after the planet Pluto

Who little orphan Annie or Mickey Mouse owned a dog named Pluto?

Mickey Mouse had a dog named Pluto.

What god was Pluto named after?

It was named after Roman God of Underworld

Why did Disney create Pluto the dog?

Because he had a dog as a child named Pluto.

Is Plutonium from Pluto?

Plutonium is not from Pluto. We have only ever sent one probe to Pluto and it is not coming back. The element is, however, named after Pluto.

What element is named after Pluto?

Plutonium .