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A former Catholic priest, John Knox, developed the Presbyterian church in Scotland based primarily on John Calvin's theological doctrines. who would ask this question

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Who started the Presbyterian religion?

Joh Knox, 18th century, in Scotland.

When did the Presbyterian religion begin?

First, Presbyterian is the name of a denomination (or of a set of related denominations), not a religion. Presbyterians are a part of the Christian religion. Now as to when the Presbyterian denomination started. Generally it is considered to have started with John Calvin and his preaching and theological school in Geneva, Switzerland. That places it's beginning at 1536, when Calvin published the first version of his influential work "Institutes of the Christian Religion" and was recruited to lead the church in Geneva.

What is the religion presbyterian?

The Presbyterian Church is a Christian Church in the Protestant tradition.

What was david Thompson's religion?

Calvinism or Presbyterian. He was married in a Presbyterian church.

What is is different between presbyterian and Christianity?

Nothing. A Presbyterian is a christian religion.

What was Eisenhower's religion?


What religion was Lincoln?

he was a Presbyterian

What was Woodrow Wilson's religion?

Woodrow Wilson was a Presbyterian. He was the son of a Presbyterian minister

What was Annie Sullivans religion?

Her father was a Presbyterian pastor so she was probably a Presbyterian.

What was sally rides religion?

Sally Ride's religion was Presbyterian.

What religion is Condoleezza Rice?


What was Grover Cleveland's religion?


What was James Buchanan's religion?


What is James Mchenry religion?


What religion has to do with the declaration of independence?


What religion was president Reagan?

He was a Presbyterian.

What is Jay Leno's religion?


What is the Scottish religion?

The main religion in Scotland is Church of Scotland Presbyterian.

What was president Andrew Jackson's religion?

He was a Presbyterian.

What religion does David Petraeus observe?


What was Benjamin Harrison's religion?

He was a devout Presbyterian.

What is Dick Van Dyke's religion?


What is Paris Hiltons religion?

She has been spotted at Bel Air Presbyterian Church so maybe she is Presbyterian.

What was Thomas mckean's religion?

Thomas McKean was a Presbyterian.

What religion was george best?

Free presbyterian (protestant)

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