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some guy from Austria-Hungary assassinated archbishop Ferdinand of Serbia. Serbia were allies of Russia and then Russia declared war on austria-hungary

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What was the first nation to declare war on another in conflict that became World War 1?

Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia first, and then Russia declared war on Austria-Hungary

Is Russia a first world country?

No, Russia is a second world nation. The terms first, second, and third world countries refer to the Cold War. The first world countries consists of the US and their allies, the second world countries consists of the USSR and their allies, and the third world countries consists of nations not on any given side.

Who is the oldest Christian nation?

Armania was firs nation to declare to be christian, so you can sat the are first. EITHOPIA was the second oldest.

What were the first two countries to declare war on Germany in World War 2?

England and France declared war on Germany after Germany, (and Russia), invaded Poland.

When did Estonia declare independence from Russia?

First on February 24th, 1918, then again on August 20th, 1991.

Is russia the third biggest country in the world?

No, Russia is the first biggest country in the world.

Which nation was the first to declare in ww1?

Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia and it pretty much snowballed from there.

What is true about the Russian Civil war?

Russia became the first nation ruled by communism.

The first largest country in the world?

Russia is the first largest country in the world

Is haiti the first capital in the world?

Haiti is not the first capital in the world, but it is the first black nation in the world

Does Russia have a communist government?

russia was the first country in the world to have a communist government.

Why do you think the framers gave the powers to declare war?

Because war was necessary for us to become a nation in the first place.

Who was the strongest nation before World War 2?

first it was 1nazi Germany2.america3.russia but only because russia wasnt ready for war but America and Germany were anyway if us or Germany would of invaded russia they would wipe them out even thow they werent ready

What statement can be made about the Russian Civil War?

Russia became the first nation ruled by communists

What nation first mobilized troops to defend Serbia?

If you mean in WW1 than it's Russia.

What it is famous in Russia?

The contributions in technology Russia made. In Medicine, space (first country to reach the moon (the US had the first man to walk on moon. It was not the first to reach the moon), first man in space, first women in space, first artificial satellite, first spacial station,ect.)It's culture. It's original architecture. It's literature. The influence it had and it has on the world. (Russia helped many countries to declare independence. For example: Greece was dominated by the ottoman Empire. In 1821, the Greek rebelled against the Ottoman Empire. Russia helped them.) Russia is famous because of it's big role in the world war two. (80% of losses of the German Army were were caused by the URSS.)

What statement about the Russian revolution civil war is true?

Russia became the first nation ruled by communists.

Which Allied nation was first to mobilize troops after Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia?

Russia was the first Allied Nation to mobilize troops against Austria-Hungary for its declaration of war on Serbia.

Which nation was first to declare war in what would come to be called the Great War?

Austria-Hungary, which declared war on Serbia on July 28,1914.

Is Ghana a country unto itself?

Yes. It became a country in 1957 when it became the first african nation to declare independance from European colonization.

What nation sent a person into space?

The first nation to send a human into space was Russia (or rather, the former Soviet Union) with the successful launch of Yuri Gagarin in 1961.

What happened as a result of the Russsian Revolution?

The 'Russian Revolution' of 1917 resulted in the downfall of one of Europe's oldest monarchical powers, Imperial Russia -- and also knocked Russia out of World War I. At the same time, it brought into being the first Communist nation in world history, namely, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

where Early in the twentieth century Japan became the first East Asian nation to defeat a European one Which country did they defeat?

In 1904-5, Japan fought Russia in the Russo-Japanese War. Japan defeated Russia, and this was the first time that an East Asian nation had won a war with a European country.

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